Texas Tech-Texas Rematch Should Be the National Championship Game

Rory BrownSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

I know that this isn't going to go over well with Alabama fans.

Or Penn State fans, Florida fans, or USC fans.

But I'm a college football fan, and as someone who loves to see the best teams and the best players duke it out for 60 minutes, this is what I want to see on Jan. 8 when the BCS National Championship game kicks off:

Texas Tech vs. Texas, Part Deux.

I'm not saying that an undefeated Alabama team or an undefeated Penn State team doesn't deserve to play on Jan. 8. But I hope that both of those teams lose between now and the end of the season so there's still a chance to see a rematch of the best college football game of the year.

The BCS is different things to different people. The system is supposed to be as objective as possible, but it brings out the most subjective of arguments.

To me, the system should be all about providing the best possible conclusion to a season of college football—a game that has the potential to encompass what the previous three-plus months of football were all about.

In a season best defined by the rivalries, gunslinging quarterbacks, and high-octane offenses of the Big 12, who better to cap off the season than Texas Tech and Texas?

In 2008, the traditional SEC rivalries have fizzled, the Big Ten and Pac-10 have lost some of their swagger, and the Big East has downright disappointed—but the Big 12 has been nothing but consistent.

Texas vs. Texas Tech on Nov. 1 delivered on all of the promises of greatness, turning into one of the most compelling games since the 2006 Rose Bowl and providing one of the most dazzling finishes in recent college prime time history outside of Boise State's improbable defeat of Oklahoma 22 months ago.

From Texas Tech's hot start to the inevitable Texas comeback; from Texas quarterback Colt McCoy's swagger to Texas Tech kicker Matt Williams' sudden celebrity; from the opening kickoff to Michael Crabtree's final sprint up the sideline, the matchup was a game that reminded people why they love football.

The Nov. 1 instant classic is just one example of the Big 12 at its best this year. The Oct. 11 matchup between Texas and Oklahoma lived up the hype, as did Texas-Oklahoma State after that.

Plus, if all goes according to plan, the remaining marquee matchups (four Big 12 teams are currently ranked in the BCS Top 10, and there are still three huge Big 12 games to go) should provide some pretty good football, too.

All of that said, I know a rematch of Texas Tech-Texas in the National Championship is unlikely.

I know this particular dream needs a Penn State collapse and an Alabama loss. It needs the voters to turn down explosive and exciting one-loss teams coached by Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll. It needs Texas Tech to win out with tough games against Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and a Big 12 Championship opponent still to go.

But if the BCS is all about the debate, mystery, and intrigue of what matchups could happen come Jan. 8, then dreaming is what I'm supposed to do. I'm just hoping a little harder that this dream comes true.


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