Scott Boras & Manny's Stature

Allen LieuCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

Well Dodger fans, Scott Boras continues never ceasing to amazing us. At the General Manager Meetings in Dana Point California, Boras has reiterated that Manny Ramirez should be treated with respect to Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez.

Whoa Scott. Let's take a step back there. If you want to treat Manny like Barry Bonds as of right now, then no one will sign him. Bonds hasn't been under the bright lights of Major League Baseball for a year and has anyone really missed him? There is no more media circus following every stinking move that Bonds makes.

If you want to treat Manny like A-rod, who is going to offer him an insane amount of money for a super long contract? Sure, if the Dodgers offer the speculative amount of 25 million dollars a year to Manny for three years, it would be great. Manny is 36 and he doesn't get any younger. Will he exhibit the same type of charm and charisma that he showed while he was in Los Angeles? Manny is by far a below avearge defensive left fielder but he makes up for it with his bat. Boras is looking for a 4-6 year deal for Manny. How much more money does Manny need? He just came off an insane amount of money with his contract for the Red Sox.

You remember Manny's quote at the end of the NLCS? Here it is in case you didn't catch it: "Gas prices are up and so am I!" Manny, gas prices are down so maybe you'll take the Dodgers offer?

You know what other Dodger Boras represents who is also a free agent? Derek Lowe. Lowe will probably not sign again with the Dodgers, instead he prefers somewhere back east. I was talking to a fellow Dodger fan and he said if Lowe goes back to the American League, he will get rocked. Lowe isn't getting any younger either and with Boras as his agent, don't expect anything less than 4-6 years guaranteed.

Boras also pretty much snickered at the notion that Ned Colletti said that we have other priorities first besdies Manny. Realistically Manny fills the need for our power hitting situation. He does complicate our outfield as we have Mr. I Don't Want to Come Back Andruw Jones, Please Trade Me Juan Pierre, and the two decent outfielders from last year, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. We have to still fill out our whole infield!

Hopefully the Dodgers will resign somebody but this offseason will be very interesting. If you're in need for a lot of money, Scott Boras is the man who will milk a team for a large sum, no matter your ability.

I would love for Manny to take an offer by us, but if money is what drives him elsewhere, that is his decision. It is a two way street. Manny was great for the few months that we had him. Hopefully those few months can turn into a few years.