Top 5 Sports Movie Coaches of All Time

Christopher GaspariniContributor IJuly 22, 2011

Top 5 Sports Movie Coaches of All Time

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    There's no question that if you're on Bleacher Report, you're a fan of sports movies as well. While conducting my routine Friday e-mail chains with some good friends, we began ranking the top five sports movie managers of all time. Without hesitation, I knew this conversation was gold, and something that my fellow B/R writers and readers needed to be a part of. 

    Without further delay, I give you my top 5 sports movie managers of all time. Enjoy!

5. Lou Brown: Major League

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    To start things off at number five, I give you Lou Brown of the Cleveland Indians. For any of you out there who has played a little baseball in your day, you've either played for or come across a coach like Lou Brown. 

    Old school to the bone, mustache and all. No sugar coating or pussy-footing with this guy.

    I'd follow Lou to hell and back.  

4. Jimmy Dugan: A League of Thier Own

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    Chiming in at the fourth spot is Jimmy Dugan. Nothing says management like a two-minute whiz in the ladies' locker room sink.  

    What's better than coaching a women's baseball team? Coaching it drunk off your rocker and pelting little fat kids with baseball mitts. Classic movie, classic coach.  

    How about that Marla Hooch, Hoooooch!  

3. Morris Buttermaker: The Bad News Bears

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    What can I say about Morris Buttermaker at No. 3?

    Probably not a whole lot. Just another baseball coach with a thirst for the hops and a rag-team of misfits. What puts him at No. 3, you ask? He gets the job done.

    I put Buttermaker ahead of Dugan because Jimmy actually had talent. These kids were horrible.  

    A motorcycle riding all-star, a half-pint loud mouth, chess club reject and a lady pitcher with enough gas to end the fuel crisis.  

    Having a team titled The Bad News Bears, this guy knew how to coach and drink a fifth without skipping a beat.

2. Tony D'Amato: Any Given Sunday

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    Perhaps my favorite pregame speech in the history of pregame speeches. 

    Coach D' Amato didn't impress me much in the beginning, but when I heard that speech at the end, I swear I felt like I could fix the energy crisis and stop the NFL lockout all before lunch time.  

    This is what you get when Al Pacino plays a worn out coach at the end of his reign. Nothing but pure wisdom, and a speech that sends chills down your spine.  

    Need a pick me up? Listen, and learn.    

1. Micky Goldmill: Rocky

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    Ladies and gentleman, our best of the best: Micky Goldmill.

    This wise old man had more quotes than you could count and a scratchy voice that was unmistakable.

    Who else would you want in your corner? I'd take Micky 10 out of 10 times.  He knew what to say, and when to say it. What's more mota-viz-ation then someone knowing how to get you up after you've been knocked down.

    Hollywood broke the mold when they scripted Micky Goldmill. You just don't see these type of coaches anymore. And to that, I salute you, Micky, you were one of a kind and a movie legend.


    Honorable mentions: Norman Dale: Hoosiers, Jackie Moon: Semi-Pro, Irv Blitzer: Cool Runnings, Reggie Dunlop: Slapshot, Herman Boone: Remember the Titans, Pete Bell: Blue Chips, Phil Weston: Kicking and Screaming, Patches O’Houlihan: Dodgeball