San Francisco Giant Jeff "Keppy" Keppinger, Does He Like the White House?

Jason AllenCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2011

Pablo Greeting Keppy
Pablo Greeting KeppyThearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The San Jose Mercury reported Jeff "Keppy" Keppinger will not be looking forward to his visit to the White House.

Even though he was not on the 2010 team, he is part of this team in 2011 and therefore part of the team spirit. Since the current team is going, Keppy should be proud to visit the White House with the team.

As for the other Giants, they shouldn't be complaining about visiting on the off day. They should be proud as true blood Americans.

After all, their teammates support the troops with charitable causes. For example Barry Zito's "Strike Out For Troops." If they need an example of patriotism they should check with Zeets (Zito).

Also, Brian Wilson is an Air Force brat from growing up with his father and grandfather.

Honoring the troops is an important part of being an American.

Perhaps some of the team didn't know that Obama cancelled the original trip because he was catching Bin Laden.

On another semi-connected note, would Monta Ellis be a good major leaguer on the Giants?