Cleveland Browns: Is All Hope Gone?

Justin GravesContributor INovember 4, 2008

Well, Browns fans; you asked for it, you got it.

Brady Quinn will be your starter in Thursday’s game versus the Broncos. Derek Anderson's benching was 95 percent your call and five percent management’s. I was at the Ravens game. I heard the chants of "Brady, Brady, Brady." We all know that filling the seats is the priority in this business.

The fans ask, and they shall receive.

Is this how the Cleveland Browns run their team?

They will put in Quinn on a short week, with no time to prepare, and on a national spotlight—all because the fans are upset with the current play of Anderson? How can we expect this kid to have a chance when the Browns are just trying to cover up a deep-rooted issue with this team?

First off, no one can blame Anderson for this team falling from grace. When your defense can't find a way to get off the field, giving up a two-touchdown lead in two possessions; no team can win like that. Captain drop-ball Edwards and the running game can thank Anderson for taking the fall for their awful play. Benching half the team wouldn't work, though. Someone had to take the blame; Anderson has the position that the fans wanted replaced.

To the management, letting the fans dictate the quarterback situation was wrong no matter the circumstance. Try taking a look at the coaching first. The play calling on this team reminds me off my youth days when coaches could call nothing but running plays.

Yes, Anderson was struggling but when you can't establish the ground war you go to work up top. The weapons the Browns have in their receiving core outstanding! You would rather throw Anderson under the bus, put Quinn in a high pressure situation and possibly mentally break every fan out there, than look at what really needs looking at.

Coaching is what’s wrong with this team.

Now as Anderson will wait to be traded at the end of the season and with Quinn trying to pull this team in the right direction, we the fans get to hope that this kid can lead us to the Promised Land.

I have great faith in Quinn; I still have great faith in Anderson. I know Quinn will struggle until the coaching is corrected and all of the other players get in the game that they are being paid millions to play. All hope is gone for this Browns fan.

If we get rid of Anderson, our backup is now Dorsey. If Quinn fails, we have nothing. At least with Quinn on the bench learning and Anderson playing decent ball we had hope for the future.

Now the time is here and we will once again see how the future will look for the Browns. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but at what cost?