Redskins Loss: Biggest Takeaway

Nik ScaliseContributor INovember 4, 2008

There were many facets of the Steelers game that I could dissect in detail but what is most important to take from this game is the passing offense front 5.

The Skins defense is better than good even with Rodgers catching issues.  I guess that is why he never became a receiver.

We need to look at a game like this and buckle down on what will help us win in the second half of season.  If you ask me it is our protecting JC.  When we run we do it well, even last night was not too shabby considering we had to focus on passing to catchup, Portis could have easily run for 75+.

When we face Giants, Dallas and Eagles we CANNOT have our offensive line perform like they did last night.  It is unacceptable and will never allow us to win games.

I respect the heck out of Pitts defense, but lets get real with Santana 100% and more time for JC, I am confident we could have moved the ball much better through the air.

If you asked me before the season that the Skins would be 6-3 with 2 road NFC East wins at our BYE I and would say no way.

Lets take what we have done and focus on how we move forward with the passing game.

Go Skins!