Red Sox News: The Road Ahead for Manny Ramirez

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2008

It is never too early to talk about next season, and I am standing by that.

Manny Ramirez has been playing LF as the Red Sox have won their two World Series in the past four years. But, in 2009, Manny may not be playing with the Red Sox.

Manny's contract ends after the 2008 season and the Sox will need to exercise Ramirez's 2009 option by Nov. 10th of this year. 

Manny has been one of the Red Sox best hitters in the past four years. It is hard to imagine the Red Sox without Manny. The Red Sox will take their time with Ramirez, just as they did with Schilling.

They will see how well he does in this coming season and go from there.  I hope Manny has an upbeat season.  I do not want to see Manny as a Yankee.

In other news, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that a Johan Santana trade could come within 10 days.  They say he could be dealt to either the Red Sox, Yankees or the Mets. 

This trade could be one of the biggest of all time.  It could be right up there in the Babe Ruth trade.  This trade will earn the name of a blockbuster.

In final news, the Red Sox GM and Yankees GM wore suits together at a Friday night lecture! I guess the GM rivarly is not nearly as serious as the fan rivarly.

At the lecture, Epestein just had to add that he did not have to clear the lecture with Hank. I guess Epstein has a good sense of humor!