Will Charlie Weis See the Fruits of His Labor?

Mike SullivanContributor INovember 4, 2008

Are the Irish faithful getting restless? Is Charlie hearing the echoes like Ty Willingham and Bob Davies heard?

Charlie has recruited, has brought a philosophy with him, and has also brought some criticism along for the ride as well. He is building something that is for sure, but will he be able to enjoy the sweat and hours burned?

Many think he may be on a short leash. After strong starts followed by flat finishes to games, one let down year and a bad year chalked up to a fresh recruiting class, one has to ponder.

Jimmy Claussen has shown signs of why every recruiter was salivating over him. His sophomore has been a pretty good climb. His ball has got some giddy up on it, he is reading defenses better than expected, but it's still not complete yet.

The young receiving core has quickly opened some eyes. Charlie has turned a school program that young receiving recruits did not even take a glimpse at to one they may look at. The once run, run, and run some more program is now one that can suddenly throw the ball.

Power programs are not built overnight. The good coaches accept jobs at winning programs, while the great coaches take on the fallen programs or non existing programs and put them on the map.

The Irish faithful must remain what they are, faithful! Charlie needs to run with his full recruiting classes and see where he takes us.