Top 10 Finishing Moves in WWE History

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistJuly 23, 2011

The Atomic Leg Drop, DDT, GTS and the Stone Cold Stunner. Wrestling fans know these aren’t exotic drinks, bad movies, or autobiographical titles. Instead, those are some of the most bad-ass finishing moves ever utilized by the athletes that enter the ring.

Non-wrestling fans may think golf is a sport, bowling is legit, and discount the WWE and all the other associations.

But anyone who knows the history of wrestling, knows it takes a ton of skill, heart, creativity, strength and athletic ability to throw yourself around the ring, manhandle 260 pounds, and we haven’t even mentioned ladders, tables and using the ropes.

But which finishing move, and which wrestler, has the best closer of all-time? There are a ton of great ones, but who’s on top of that list?

Jeff Hardy and his Swanton Bomb? The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver? Randy Keith Orton’s finishing move, RKO, is so epic, it could only be named after him.

We’re counting down the WWE’s top 10 finishing moves. Moves that define the wrestler, shock the viewer, and just plain destroy the victims. These are the moves that make legends.

Does the Air Bourne stand up to the Stone Cold Stunner?

Does anything stand up to the Stone Cold Stunner?

Let us know what you think. Who should be No. 1? Who was left off the list?

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