Tiger Woods Video: Watch Tiger Woods Fire Steve Williams in Cartoon Fashion

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 21, 2011

The life of Tiger Woods has become fodder for the masses. It is only fitting then, that the latest chapter in his life get a cartoon treatment. 

The good people at NMA Worldwide, a Taiwanese news agency, have done what they do best. They have taken American popular culture, and given it a digital recreation. 

The effect is a serious story turned into a mash up of awkward animations and hilarious results. For Tiger Woods, NMA centered on recent news that the golfer had parted ways with his longtime caddy, Steve Williams. 

Williams was on Woods' bag for 12 years. In that time, Williams saw one of the best golfers in the world achieve legendary status. 

Williams was also privy to the precipitous fall for Woods, as were we all. NMA took the firing and gave it some color and light-hearted reporting, as they do. 

The video starts with Woods hitting a ball into the drink, something he has done a lot more of lately. It then shows the two celebrate the heights of victory as a two friends. 

They are then shown off the pedestal. The golfer is left to play a creepy game of Whack a Mole as ladies heads pop up from the ground. 

Williams merely stands back and watches it all unfold. Could that be some visual commentary? Perhaps not, but it is quite captivating. 

The video ends with Woods kicking Williams to the curb, then welcoming a new caddy to carry his bag. It remains to be seen what the real Tiger will do in his next golfing endeavor. 

He is currently hobbled by nagging knee and Achilles heel issues. But he will be back to greatness in no time if life works as simply as in this cartoon. 

All you have to do is hand your bag over to an anonymous bystander and all your worries melt away.