WWE: 9 WWE Superstars Who Seem to Be on the Way out

Jonathan BachCorrespondent IIIJuly 22, 2011

WWE: 9 WWE Superstars Who Seem to Be on the Way out

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    With the departure of Mr.McMahon still dwelling in our minds this week, its quite obvious that there will be some faces we won't be seeing anytime soon. 

    According to Wrestlenewz.com, the WWE may be looking to bring back some veterans because of the lack of production from the newer superstars. So there will be some cuts. 

    This is a list of 9 superstars that I believe will be on their way out of the WWE. At the end, there will also be 3 superstars who may be on there way up to "the big leagues" from FCW very soon.


9. Heath Slater

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    This might be obvious. Heath Slater without the Nexus or the Corre is nothing.

    His whole one man-rock band gimmick isn't going to stick with the fans. He didn't win NXT and he wasn't really a standout at all. He has a few Tag Team Championship runs, but he will not survive as a singles' wrestler. 

    He competed in the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match and I barely noticed him.

    His time is pretty much up. He's overstaying his welcome. Justin Gabriel is a much better superstar than Slater is. I can't take him seriously, so I see him leaving after SummerSlam

8. Johnny Curtis

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    A lot of people may not even know who Johnny Curtis is. And there's really no need to go looking. I'll explain who he is right now. 

    He is the winner of NXT season 4. He was supposed to get a WWE Tag Team championship match with his pro R-Truth, but he went off the deep end. So that idea died along with R-Truth's sanity. He's been appearing on Smackdown over the past couple of weeks cutting these confusing and stupid promos. 

    I'm sure no one finds him funny and when he appears on TV and begins to talk, I start to wonder what is wrong with the WWE.

    I almost didn't want to put a picture of him because people still won't know who he is. If this was a TOP 9 superstars list of people I think might be leaving, I would leave him off and just have an empty slide. 

    Sorry Johnny, but your time has been up since they decided to have you win NXT.

7. Jinder Mahal

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    This might come as a surprise to a lot of people, but Jinder Mahal sucks in the ring. He does well on the mic but that's about it. 

    WWE officials are not very happy with what he's been doing in the ring lately. Wrestlenewz.com reports that Jinder Mahal wrestling longer matches instead of squash matches shows how much inexperience he has in the ring. 

    So this might not be a goodbye forever, but I certainly think that if he doesn't improve fast, he'll be back down at FCW soon.

5 & 6: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

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    This one saddens me to list. But it has to be done. 

    Let's start with Santino first. He's the most entertaining superstar to watch. But he won't win a ton of matches. He's not a real threat to anyone. Unless the WWE has some kind of spot where he works singles matches with upcoming superstars, I don't see much more use in him. 

    Vladimir Kozlov was used in the wrong way and now he has to pay for it. When he first got to the WWE he was a force. He was feuding with the Undertaker! And now he's nothing more than a tag team partner to Santino. The WWE could use him. He could potentially be an Intercontinental champion someday if he turned heel again. 

    And as a team, they were a joke. Entertaining yes, but a joke none the less. I don't see them lasting long as a team especially with the Uso's finally getting some attention. 

4. Tyson Kidd

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    This one has a short explanation.

    The WWE does not know what to do with him. 

    They've tried giving him several managers which made no sense at all. It's a good thing that not a lot of people tune into WWE Superstars because it was bad. Every week he came out and you would said "what?" out loud to yourself. 

    This is another superstar who has been misused. He was awesome with the Hart foundation. DH Smith has been missing for a while so WWE decided to try and make Tyson Kidd a singles wrestler. Big mistake. 

3. Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara messed up everything he had going for him. 

    He failed a drug test and then did an interview with a Mexican newspaper where he pretended to not know why he failed the drug test.

    The WWE has been criticized for superstars dying from drugs. It may not sound like a big deal but it is. And it makes Triple H look bad. So I see Sin Cara leaving the company very soon.

2. Mr.McMahon (On-Screen Character)

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    Obviously Mr.McMahon is still WWE Chairman. But his on screen character is gone. I don't see a Mr.McMahon return. He has had medical problems lately, to the point where John Laurinaitis had to take the hit during the main event at Money in the Bank.

    He's had a nice long career as the on screen Chairman of WWE but it's obvious it's over. 

    Triple H is taking the reigns now which leads us to number one...

1. The Game, Triple H

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    Yeah I know what you're thinking. Triple H is the new Chairman of WWE so how can he be on his way out. 

    But this is not Triple H the person leaving, it's the Game, the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin that is leaving WWE.

    I'm sure Triple H will wrestle a few more times in his career, but for now, he will not be a WWE Superstar.

    Triple H is one of the most dominant superstars ever, but now we must accept him as an executive. He is no longer a wrestler and that is something i think WWE wants fans to get. He has been absent for so long and I think now it's obvious that Triple H has no intention in returning to wrestling full time.

Top 3 Superstars to Look Forward to in the Near Future

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    Now we take a look at 3 superstars that I think will be coming in soon to hopefully revamp the roster that WWE has right now. 

Percy Watson

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    A lot of people see some potential in Percy Watson. Some might find his character a little strange, but he can work in the ring. 

    There were some reports that he may be coming up soon to have a feud with R-Truth, but with the return of John Morrison happening soon, that may be delayed.

    But he was a standout in his NXT season and I believe he could be a nice mid card superstar when brought up.

Seth Rollins (or Tyler Black)

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    Tyler Black is going to be a force in the WWE without a doubt. I feel he will make an impact like Wade Barrett did when he first came up through NXT. 

    I'm almost positive he will be in the new NXT coming up and without a doubt he will win.

    Tyler Black has the most fans already in FCW and many people know who he is. He is in FCW right now just working out some minor kinks in his game but he will be in the WWE and when he gets there, he will be an instant star.

Colt Cabana

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    This one is a long shot, but he will be WWE bound in my opinion.

    He doesn't need any ring work at all because of all his time spent in Ring of Honor which is a company known to produce some awesome wrestlers like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and AJ Styles. 

    He was mentioned in the famous CM Punk shoot promo and he was at ringside for the WWE championship match at Money in the Bank. Colt Cabana will be one of the reasons why CM Punk returns to WWE.