SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 10

The Dead Guy SECAnalyst INovember 4, 2008

1. Alabama
Florida’s playing better right now, but the Tide are unblemished and sitting atop the national polls. That’s reason enough for me to keep them No. 1.

2. Florida
What they’ve done the last couple of weeks against two bowl-eligible teams has been nothing short of scary.

3. Georgia
Georgia appearing here is, more than anything, a testament to the lack of quality depth the SEC typically has. The ‘Dawgs picked the wrong week to not show up.

4. LSU
Recent inconsistent play needs to be remedied before the Tide rolls into town this weekend.

5. South Carolina
Something tells me Steve Spurrier took a special pleasure in putting the finishing touches on Fulmer’s career at Tennessee.

6. Ole Miss
This year, the Rebels are one win away from being bowl eligible through 9 games. Last year, through 9 games, they were one win away from being one win away from being one win away from being one win away from bowl eligible.

7. Kentucky
The ‘Cats got back to the formula they used for their early season success: Play an opponent who sucks. Still, you can’t argue with bowl eligibility.

8. Arkansas
The Hogs will look back at the ones that got away against Ole Miss and Kentucky when they’re at home for the holidays.

They may be catching the Gators at the right time after the WLOCP blowout last week. If that’s the case, Florida may only win by 20.

10. Auburn
I know the Rebels’ secondary is weak, but I can’t imagine any successful gameplan that includes the phrase “43 pass attempts from Kodi Burns”.

11. Tennessee
Saturday’s lost was the final nail in Fulmer’s coffin, marking the end of an era in Knoxville. For all their problems, that was (in my opinion) the Vols’ last regular season loss of the season.

12. Mississippi State
Apparently, just sucking on offense wasn't enough for the Bulldogs. Now, they suck on special teams too.