You Can Throw Out The Wins and Losses

Sean KellyContributor INovember 4, 2008

Throw out the wins and losses.  Not because we play a division rival on Sunday but because its the only thing that will keep you sane.  This team took on too many rookies to expect much in 2008.  And those few remaining veterans have sustained too many significant injuries to even pretend that they are competitive.  Face it.  This is no solution to the 2008 season.  In fact, the Chiefs are Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense.  They don't even know that THEY are the dead one.

I'll say it again.  You can throw out the wins and losses.  In a literal sense, you don't need to look any farther than the Lions and the Bears game last week.  If it wasn't for a 4th quarter Bears comeback, the 0-8 Lions win that game.  Need I remind you about the 0-12 Chargers in 2000?  I was at that game in San Diego where Warren Moon (12 for 31, 130yds) and the Chiefs were facing 3rd and 11 what seemed like every damn series.  We lost to Ryan Leaf!  What about our 9-0 start in 2003 before we lost to a garbage Bengals team?

But I'm talking about something different.  Forget about the wins and losses.  Do it so that the losses do not ruin another Sunday. We're going to lose 10+ games this year - without "tanking".  We're going to have a top 5 pick in April, 2009.  So do not get irritable bowels after each loss.  Do not react to each and every "rookie mistake". Instead do what I've been trying to do...

Watch Brandon Albert at LT.  How many times did his guy get by him?  How does he compare to Brian Waters with his feet work?  Heck.  Watch Tony G or Brian Waters while we still can.  Admire their Pro Bowl skills.  You can appreciate Tyler Thigpen.  Just sit back and realize how much more interesting our offensive series seem with him running around in the pocket.

Maybe defense is more your style.  Watch HBO darlings Tank Tyler and Turk McBride.  Remember how funny they were in 2007 when they were shopping for furniture?  Well now you can keep only one in 2009 - whom will it be?  Analyze whether Glenn Dorsey is getting any better at left DE.  See if you can pick out which defensive back was burnt on the latest passing TD by our opponent.  Can you or your friends find the gaping hole in the D-line before the other team's RB does?  Give out bonus points if someone can.

Don't forget special teams!  While Dustin Colquitt is injured, try and guess how far into the endzone his replacement will kick the ball.  Before a punt return, predict whether we can keep the return under 20 yards (30 for a kickoff).  Its kind of like flipping a coin.

See? There are plenty of ways to enjoy the 2nd half of the season.  Only a negative Nelly will spend November and December moaning about the Chiefs' record.  Enjoy what you can from the next eight games.  Have a beer by your side.  But, for god's sake... if you have children, please take 'em outside.  Don't discourage their hopes and dreams.  They're our future.