The MLS Is Growing Fast: Is This Too Fast?

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 4, 2008

The MLS is the youngest major league in America. It has been a success and is getting good advertisements. The money has been coming in.

Still, are they getting that much fan support from the weaker-link teams? I, personally, am rooting for the New England Revolution; I know that the crowds there do quiet well and have good management under Robert Kraft.


The MLS is growing RAPIDLY. In 1996, there were 10 teams. Today, there are 14 teams with two coming in the next two years. The sponsorships by big names, like Pepsi, have helped, along with the TV appearances. But are they getting THAT much crowd support?

The American crowds are getting bigger. David Beckham truly helped the league, making large profits with his equipment sales (even if he could care less about the league).

Some teams have definitely collapsed. Miami, San Jose, Tampa Bay and the MetroStars all did not last.

They did have one add-on team with incredible success. Toronto FC (shown in picture) has its own stadium now and gets very good crowds. Plus, this year, they hosted the '08 All Star Game. Colorado got a new stadium, and there is supposedly a new one for the Revolution coming.

This league has been a success with its gains, and I believe the crowds will become larger. The B/R community supporting MLS will grow also.

Still, the MLS future will be a hard path. As long as they keep up with their technology and keep in touch with the rest of the Soccer World, don't be surprised if this league is very successful.

Good luck MLS. Go Vote.