McMahon Vs McMahon??

jason savageCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

The seeds were planted on the 800th episode celebration for a new slant on the Mcmahon family feud.

This time with brother and sister, Shane vs. Stephanie.

So far we know that Shane likes to shake things up and surprise everyone. Stephanie says it's fine to surprise the locker room but not her! She needs to be in the loop. It's a subtle beginning.

Oh! and earlier in the show Mike Adamle comments to Steph about how she said the opposite of everything Shane told him during his time as RAW GM, again subtle, but the plot thickens.

In the weeks to come I am sure this storyline will build up to some sort of battle between the siblings. When it does who will be able to make peace in the Mcmahon family?

Who else but Mr. Mcmahon!

All this of course leading in to the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania.  Perhaps I am jumping the gun a bit here but that seems the most likely path don't you think?

If this is done right we may actually have something interesting to tune in for each Monday!