Election Day NFL... How It Should Be

Chris BallContributor INovember 4, 2008

     Once again it is November 4th in a Presidential Election year and I can't help but feel oh-so democratic. Election coverage is on everywhere, I mean c'mon, even Chris Berman had Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain on during halftime of last night's Monday Night Football game, another ploy by ESPN to improve, already stellar, MNF ratings, but that is another story in it of itself. 

     What I am really trying to get to is the fact that today I, like millions of Americans get to participate in the democratic process and get to let my voice, rather my chads, be heard (so long as none are left hanging... or I get to use one of those fancy electronic thingies... or never mind, there I go wandering again). 

     Every year our government gives a chance to vote based on our thoughts, values, and beliefs to help determine how, and by whom our government is run, but what about the NFL?  I want to vote on the NFL. 

     To those of you who say, "Well, you get to vote for the Pro Bowl," I say, "Go suck an egg!  I want to vote for something that matters, something that people care about like MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, which city the Super Bowl gets to be played." 

   Unfortunately, the fans have no say in these matters.  This is why I suggest that the NFL adopts  something similar to the Electoral College.  Wouldn't it be great if each state was awarded a number of electoral votes based on the number of sports teams there are in the state?  States without teams, too bad, so sad.  No, I'm just joshin' ya.  We know you love the NFL too, so you can have a few votes, but you would be like Montana or Wyoming, getting the fewest number of votes.  This would be a safeguard against letting just the popular vote decide, because you know just as well as I, what is popular is not always right...

     Maybe we could just elect our media representatives for each state who we trust will vote with our interests at hand.  It would be similar to the way it is now, but we would get to decide who in the media gets to vote rather than the, somewhat, anonymous voting process currently in place. 

     This way we could write our rep. to tell them "Good job," or "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?! You won't be getting my vote next term!"  As it stands now, we just have to accept when our guys are snubbed for awards we KNOW they earned.

     I know, I know...  The NFL, nor any other professional sports league would ever go for something like this.  So, we just have to come to terms with the fact that, as fans, all we are good for is buying tickets and merch and making noise on any given Sunday after we've overpaid for those tickets and that merch as well as any hot dogs or beer we consume at the game. 

     Do me a favor.  Make a real difference and write to your representative, voice your opinion or just GET OUT AND VOTE.