WWE Bullet Point: Smarts Outsmarted by Sean Waltman

James OldsContributor IIIJuly 20, 2011

Was Vince McMahon fired?
Was Vince McMahon fired?Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

Triple H returns to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and fires his father-in-law, Vince McMahon.  The Internet community goes wild.

The web was abuzz with opinion following one of the most shocking Raws in recent memory, and buzz centered around the age-old question, "Was it real?" 

Was there really a board meeting that fired Vince McMahon?  Is Triple H simply ascending to his eventual throne earlier than anticipated?  Sean "X-Pac' Waltman fueled the fire even further with a perfectly timed tweet, exclaiming "That was the real deal, that last 5 or however many minutes."

But was it real deal?

Is it ever real?

For as long as there has been the ability to access the internet, there has been an Internet Wrestling Community (IWC). 

A community bent on finding the real that resides in wrestling.  Whether it be the personal lives of wrestlers, their real names, or the reasons behind awkward booking, the IWC has tried to make it's voice heard. 

During the advent of the Internet, promotions such as Smokey Mountain Wrestling (SMW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) used this new tool to promote their products through interviews, photos, and results of house shows. 

And as the IWC got smarter, considerable time was spent trying to outsmart them.

By the time WWE or WCW, the top two promotions in the mid-90's, became aware of the IWC, it was almost too late.

But the IWC, while sometimes smug and self righteous, still wants to act the fan sometimes.  These past weeks only emphasize that point.

In a world when the professional wrestling landscape is run by a singular promotion, a promotion with a strong leader who is only subservient to share holders, 'real' angles just don't exist. 

Just the shoot angle with ECW from September 1996, the IWC wanted to believe that ECW head honcho Paul Heyman had sent in his troops to disrupt the WWE's In Your House pay per view all on his own.

In 1996 it was a work and in 2011 it was still a work.

Waltman has since backed away from his tweets, but that shouldn't matter. 

The IWC should not read too much into what they see on TV, or for that matter, tweets from such a non-factor in the WWE, like X-Pac. 

Sit back, relax and watch a fantasy play out in front of millions of fans.