WWE's Mason Ryan Does Not Have Main Event Potential

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJuly 20, 2011

Mason Ryan
Mason Ryan

The WWE hype machine can pull strings better than the world's best puppeteers. If they want you to do something, then it's definitely going to happen.

One of the things that WWE wants their fans to do is believe that Mason Ryan has potential. They want people to believe that he could reach the main event level like Batista did. All it took for people to believe this was the physical resemblance that he bore to the former champion.

The fact is, Mason Ryan simply is a sub par performer. He's not solid, and he's certainly not spectacular.

Mason Ryan simply does not have the charisma to become a character that can connect with the audience. He relies way too much on grunting and snorting. The overacting is unbearable at times.

His lack of development is even more evident when you analyze his ring work within the ring. There's a big difference between wrestling and executing wrestling moves. Mason Ryan does the latter. There's no fluidity at all, and you never get a sense that it's real.

The only thing that Mason Ryan has going for him is his larger than life physique. It is a shame that size is the only quality that certain wrestling fans require before believing in a wrestler and his potential.

Mason Ryan is not a star. 


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