Green Bay Packers: Red Zone Scoring Problems?

Don ZakCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

The NFL has several statistics to measure the scoring production of its teams.  Scoring touchdowns in the red zone and converting points on a shortened field with opposing defenses backed up is considered one of the leading indicators of a quality offense. 

Packer fans can overlook the glaring deficiencies in the team this season when the offense converts a high amount of possessions into points on the board.  The Packers have efficiently moved the ball down field to put themselves in a better position to score this season.   

Surprisingly, Green Bay has improved in terms of overall TD conversions.  They have scored one more TD vis-à-vis 2007 which helps to offset two fewer scoring opportunities when compared to 2007.  Total points remain the same scored within the red zone.


Week Nine Comparison of Green Bay Packers' Red Zone Statistics



Red Zone App.

TD Scored

Field Goals Scored

Scoring Conversion

TD Scoring Conversion


Points Scored


Green Bay








Green Bay







Sources: Pro Football Weekly, USA Today


How well do the Packers rank compared to the top echelon of the league?

Winning teams convert more opportunities in the red zone into touchdowns than opponents.  The Colts score TDs over 75 percent of the time, the Steelers 71 percent, and the Titans over 65 percent. Even Detroit, the Jets, and Bengals all score more TDs in the red zone than Green Bay.

What can we analyze from this brief comparison?  First, the Packers' red zone opportunities have declined by eight percent. Second, they have improved the conversion rate to rank in the top 10 in overall touchdown percentage.  Lastly, however, it has resulted in no significant point differential from last season.

Since the Packers are getting fewer opportunities to score in the red zone in 2008, they cannot continue to settle for field goals, especially outside of 30 yards.  More importantly, Green Bay needs to capitalize on field position established through long, sustained offensive drives to put them in position to score in the red zone.