Kim Kardashian Versus Old Navy's Faux Kim: Who's Hotter?

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistJuly 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian Versus Old Navy's Faux Kim: Who's Hotter?

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    Exciting news, folks—super-wag Kim Kardashian is in the news, which means we have another excuse to show you more pictures of her!

    This time according to TMZ, Kim K. is suing Old Navy "claiming they intentionally used a look-alike in an effort to dupe the public into thinking Kim was affiliated with Old Navy."

    Insert dramatic music here.

    But the plot thickens: The Old Navy doppleganger just so happens to be Melissa Molinaro, who is dating Kardashian's ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

    It's a double-wag showdown, folks—Kris Humphries wife-to-be Kim K. versus Reggie Bush's latest lady, Molinaro.

    But who cares about all of this information—you want to know which of these two ladies is hotter, don't you? Luckily for you, we ask the important questions here at Bleacher Report.

    To the slides!

The Old Navy Ad

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    I don't care how hot Melissa Molinaro is—this commercial almost made my brain explode.

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Here, Kim K. was about to blow out some candles.

    That alone is worth celebrating.

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    Hanging out never looked so sexy.

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Kim isn't going to go down without a fight, as witnessed by her absolutely rocking this pink dress.

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    Molinaro counter-punches with some hot dress action of her own.

    We've got a battle here, folks!

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Kim's done throwing jabs now, folks—she's on the attack.

    Does Molinaro have the defense or counter-attack to handle Kim's visual onslaught?

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    Molinaro survives this round, though early returns have Kim K. winning with the judges. Can Molinaro turn the fight in the later rounds?

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Kim K. is not letting up, folks—most women out there would be knocked out by this point in the match.

    Hell, even Reggie Bush is reminscing right now.

    And Kris Humphries is smiling, believe you me.


    Photo from King Magazine

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    But Molinaro counters with some pretty hot swimwear action of her own.

    I think we've got a real duel on our hands here.

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Kimb pulls out one of her secret punches—her artsy-hot photos.

    This one may have stunned Molinaro.


    Photo from W Magazine

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    But Molinaro counters with a sylish, tattered bathing suit.

    Kim may be on the attack, but Molinaro is far from finished at this point.

    It's no wonder Reggie Bush enjoyed the lockout...

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Kim shows off one of her most famous combinations here, and Molinaro hits the mat.

    But wait—put away your tongues, folks, Molinaro comes up swinging!

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    Molinaro may not win this fight, but she has certainly won a lot of fans with her unbelievable effort and talent.

The Favorite: Kim Kardashian

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    Unless Molinaro can knock Kim out by the end of the round, I think Kim K. will be taking this fight.


    Photo from Playboy

The Challenger: Melissa Molinaro

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    Molinaro is smoking hot, and Reggie Bush did well for himself winning the affections of the incredibly sexy singer/actress.

    But I don't think she did enough to get the win...

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Kim Kardashian

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    Very rarely does the winner take the fight in part because of how they hit the mat.

    Consider this the sexy exception to that rule.


    Photo from Harper's Bazaar


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