Matt Williams: Contest Winner and Red Raider

chad lamasaCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

Imagine this scenario. You're a fan of a team, you sign up for a halftime field goal kicking contest, your name gets selected, you trot out on the field just hoping not to make a fool of yourself in front of the home team fans, and you nail a 30-yard field goal to win the contest.

As if that weren't enough, you get a call from the coach asking you to come play for the team.

Well, this is exactly what happened to Matt Williams, a sophomore at Texas Tech. In his first game he was used strictly for PATs and converted six in a row.

This past weekend in the huge upset win over No. 1 Texas, Williams got to try his hand—er, foot—at field goals. He converted his first two attempts of 29 and 31 yards. His third attempt, a 42-yarder, was blocked and recovered by the defense.

Another 42-yarder was made by kickoff man Donnie Carona.

However, Matt Williams continued his perfect streak for PATs, converting four in this game and putting him at 10 for 10, including the one for the game-winning TD by Michael Crabtree with :01 left.

A lot of you may know that I'm not really a College Football fan, but I did watch this game, and it was a great game all around. I couldn't resist writing about this story though because it's so cool.

We've all had sports fantasies, and most of us never get a chance to fulfill them. Matt Williams did, and even if this is as far as it goes, he will have a great story to tell his kids and grandkids.

Photo courtesy of Orlin Wagner, Associated Press