WWE: With Triple H Back: Could This Be the End of the Anonymous Raw GM?

Daruish Gorgirzadeh@DaruishG90Contributor IIIJuly 20, 2011

The latest defining moment in the history of the WWE
The latest defining moment in the history of the WWE

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In case you missed Raw this Monday, you probably missed one of the defining moments in the history of the WWE. 

Just as Mr. McMahon was about to deliver on his promise to fire John Cena for losing the WWE Championship to CM Punk at Money in the Bank, Triple H came out to put a halt to proceedings, and revealed that the WWE board of directors have given Mr. McMahon a vote of no confidence after some of his recent decisions. 

He also went onto say that replacing Vince would be none other than: The Game himself, Triple H. He then went onto give an emotional farewell as Raw went out to the sound of the crowd chanting "Thank You Vince" to a very shell-shocked, and truly emotional Vince McMahon.

Now that it seems the proverbial baton has been passed on from McMahon to Triple H, it left me asking myself a few questions, but one that stuck out was this: What is going to happen to the Raw Anonymous General Manager?

For me personally, I really hope that now that Triple H has returned as the new boss of the WWE, he will maintain an on screen role, which would essentially make the need for the anonymous GM redundant. At least I hope that is what happens.

At first, I like most people probably did, found the concept of the Anonymous GM quite interesting as I presumed it would be quite a short angle designed to build up quite a bit of hype before they revealed the GM to be a complete shock, and they even teased it for a while by using famous superstars' catchphrases.

The sooner this sight goes, the better.
The sooner this sight goes, the better.

However, as the WWE continued to prolong the angle, the interest of many people continued to wane until it reached the point where it had to be asked: "Who actually cares any more?" I certainly didn't. It got to the point that every time I heard the laptop go off with that tone, I didn't take much notice of what he had to say through his mouthpiece, Michael Cole.

Now the WWE has a chance to put an end to this quite annoying angle, as I think it would make much more sense to install Triple H as the boss of Raw and scrap the General Manager position, even if it is just for a little while, as it has worked without a GM in place before, and there is no reason why it can't again.

I really hope that next week we get to see Triple H doing the honours and firing the GM, then going on to talk about how he is the man again, and how Raw will be under his control for the foreseeable future. Then the WWE would have almost a blank canvas to go with on what type of boss they are going to turn him into.

With regards to a potential storyline, Senior Writer from this site Iam D Real Deal Yo makes the case that Triple H should turn heel, and I agree. One way this could happen is by having Triple H reveal the only reason he kept Cena on was to punish him for losing the WWE Championship to CM Punk and allowing it lo leave the company.

That is an example of just one of the potential story lines that are available to the WWE, and it will be interesting to see in what direction the company will go with this.

I just hope that the return of Triple H spells the end of the Anonymous Raw General Manager sooner, rather than later.

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