Cleveland Browns: Trade Anderson Now, While We Still Can

David Contributor INovember 4, 2008

The Cleveland Browns have finally made the move the fans have been screaming for.

This Thursday, Brady Quinn will get his first NFL start against the Denver Broncos. A move quite clearly made by the guy at the top, and not Crennel, who two hours before the move told reporters there would not be a Qb change.

The time is now to look for a desperate team to get something of value for Anderson, something that should have been done this past off-season when we may have been able to get a 1st round draft pick.

There are teams that I can see making a trade midway through the season.

Teams like The Chiefs, Lions and 49ers. Possibly even a team like the Vikings, who may not play Anderson this year, but make the trade for next year.

While we probably won't get what we would have this past off-season, I still think we can get a 2nd, maybe a 2nd and 3rd pick.

Anderson's value is not going to go up from here, it will only go down.

The Cleveland Browns have to act fast, because they are not going to have a 24 million dollar backup.