Hoffen-Who? Forget Hull City, 1899 Hoffenheim Is Most Inspiring Football Club

Raees NaikContributor INovember 4, 2008

In England it's Hull City taking all the plaudits for their performances, in Italy it's Udinese and Napoli who are causing a threat to the "big clubs."

The real star team this year, though, has got to be 1899 Hoffenheim. Never heard of them? Well, not many are aware of the great strides they are making under the ownership of software magnate Dietmar Hopp.

The club is currently first in the German Bundesliga and their attacking style of play has caught the attention of many. Vedad Ibisevic, need I say more to Sir Alex Ferguson and Jurgen Klinsaman, who are already trying to snap up Hoffenheim's star striker.

Ibisevic has indeed caught most the attention; however, it has to be said that the team as a whole has developed a good chemistry, capable of challenging for the Bundesliga. Experienced Bundesliga players such as Jochen Seitz and Tomislav Maric were added to the squad, and manger Ralf Rangnick has, of course, played a significant part.

Defence is something that needs to be looked at, as they have conceded 16 goals in just 11 games, but have impressively scored 31. It doesn't seem a big worry, though, as Hoffenheim leads the Bundesliga and are hoping for a league winning season!

This might be the year for the underdog and maybe, just maybe, Hoffenheim can snatch the title. It's a safer bet than Hull City claiming a Champions League place.