WWE News: Latest Rumors and Updates from WWE

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WWE News: Latest Rumors and Updates from WWE

Welcome WWE fans to the Golden Age of professional wrestling.

What we are seeing isn’t a fad, or a passing phase, it’s the culmination of superstars blossoming at the right time, and an influx of young talent both in front of, and behind, the curtain.

As CM Punk has disappeared into the Chicago backdrop and Vince McMahon was relieved of his duties, the game is changing in the WWE. New story lines are flooding the airwaves with pristine storytelling and beautifully scripted mis-direction.

When CM Punk comes back, and he’ll be back, the WWE will have a new anti-hero on their hands. It will be the battle of the face who should be a heel, and the heel who should be a face. It’s a great time to start tuning in to WWE programming.

Now, the WWE must continue to build upon their growing success. It’s not easy to capture the attention of the mainstream world with fake wrestling, but that’s just what they have done.

We, your talented crew of WWE scribes, are here to bring you all the latest dirt, news and gossip we can find. We’ll bring you our hard hitting analysis on product we have spent our whole lives loving.

You’ll have your opinions and they are welcomed as well. Please don’t hesitate to disagree. This is the WWE after all, and everyone has an opinion. So, sit back, relax, and don’t leave the page. Just get ready to hit refresh and we’ll get you your WWE fix. 

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