NFL Hot or Not: Rating Every Team's Home Uniform

Barrett HansenAnalyst IIJuly 20, 2011

NFL Hot or Not: Rating Every Team's Home Uniform

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    Some teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, have really awesome uniforms that really add to their image.

    Other teams, like the Carolina Panthers, don't have a very good look and instead wear strange colors that make them look downright bizarre.

    Here is a ranking of all 32 NFL teams' home uniforms from worst to best.

32. Carolina Panthers

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    It's hard to find anything good about the Carolina Panthers these days. 

    The baby blue jerseys are way too obtrusive for my liking. The helmets are even worse, as the blue stands out far too strongly against the black and silver.

31. Tennessee Titans

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    Tennessee's color choice is frankly boring, and the helmet logo is uninspiring.

    The blue on blue jersey just looks ugly, and the titan sword design on the shoulder is out of place.

    Ah, how I miss the Oilers!

30. Kansas City Chiefs

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    A jam-packed Arrowhead Stadium completely decked out in Chiefs apparel is certainly a sight to see.

    But the orangey-red uniforms just don't cut it in the modern era. 

29. Houston Texans

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    Houston could have done better.

    The jerseys are just plain, boring and unimaginative, and the helmet logo is pretty pathetic.

    I suppose Houston was asking for a terrible uniform when they named their team the "Texans." With such an awful name, it's hard to imagine anything cool from the franchise.

28. Arizona Cardinals

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    Arizona doesn't seem to understand that you can use more than one color in a uniform.

    Not even Larry Fitzgerald can save the Cardinals on this one.

27. Cleveland Browns

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    Well, Cleveland was kinda screwed from the get-go.

    With a name like "the Browns," you're not going to see a very interesting uniform.

    The orange helmet is a nice touch though.

26. Oakland Raiders

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    When you hear "silver and black," your mind instantly jumps to Raider Nation and how difficult it is to play in the Black Hole.

    And that thought isn't particularly appealing aesthetically.

25. Buffalo Bills

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    Buffalo hasn't been too creative about football.

    First they name their team the Bills, ingeniously pointing out that the city name doubles as the name of a large mammal.

    Then they have an all-blue uniform with a splash of red on the high socks and helmets.

    The helmets are awesome though. I will give them that.

24. Seattle Seahwaks

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    Seattle Seahawk players used to look like they came right out of a circus, but now they look like a bunch of stay-at-home dads in track suits.

    Really ripped stay-at-home dads.

    Although the bright green gloves and shoes do put the Hawks one step above the other single-colored-uniform teams.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Jacksonville's jersey and helmet combo doesn't work for me.

    They are both great on their own, but the turquoise does not go very well with the spotted jaguar head on the helmet.

22. Minnesota Vikings

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    The Minnesota Vikings get style points as one of professional sports' only purple uniformed team. 

    But there are just too many thin yellow lines all over their jerseys, and it's frankly a little overwhelming.

21. Denver Broncos

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    I can't decide if I love or hate the Broncos' uniform.

    I feel like the color combo should look really good, but I really can't stand that orange.

    It's hard to determine what Denver is doing with the orange. There are just too many random stripes all over the place.

    I do love Tim Tebow though. If he's wearing the jersey, I can dig it.

20. Washington Redskins

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    Washington's burgundy and gold color scheme is a classic combination.

    But it's not very attractive. Too many bright colors in one place.

19. Green Bay Packers

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    While I love the Green Bay uniform as a classic, it's hard to look at it without blinking my eyes—the yellow and green together are slightly offensive to the eyes.

    The helmets are fantastic however and in my opinion are the best part of the uniform.

18. New York Jets

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    Classy, just not a fan of that green.

17. Detroit Lions

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    Something about Detroit's shiny silver helmet always catches my eye.

    There's nothing particularly new or fresh about these jerseys, but the silver and blue looks pretty neat in my opinion.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    I want to dislike the pants simply because I have no idea what color they are, but they look pretty slick with those red jerseys.

    Seriously, what is that color? Gray? Beige? Copper?

15. Baltimore Ravens

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    It's fitting that a punishing defense that inflicts all sorts of bodily punishment don jerseys that are black and purple.

    The high socks and black stripe on the side of the pants tie the uniform together nicely.

14. San Diego Chargers

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    San Diego's dark blue jerseys with the white pants and helmet is a chic look.

    The lightning bolt is also one of the best logos in the NFL.

    The Chargers would be much higher on this list if they switched permanently to the powder blue alternate uni's, which are one of the best jerseys period.

13. Miami Dolphins

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    Miami is one of the few teams that uses white jerseys at home.

    It was a wise choice, since I'm not sure I could handle any more of that turquoise. 

    The 'Fins definitely get some points off for not having their helmet stripe be the same orange as the orange on their pants and socks.

12. New York Giants

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    New York has a classic uniform with the blue and red color scheme.

    Their helmets are also quite cool, as the "NY" is solid and unobtrusive.

11. St. Louis Rams

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    You can't go wrong with St. Louis' blue and gold jerseys.

    The ram horn design is my personal favorite helmet, as it's the only one that attempts to simulate a three dimensional shape. 

10. San Francisco 49ers

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    The 49ers have thankfully stuck with the red and gold uni's, which they were debating discarding this past decade.

    On sunny days at Candlestick Park, San Francisco's helmets will glint in the sun, lending a surreal aura to the team.

9. Indianapolis Colts

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    Indianapolis' blue and white color scheme and horseshoe helmets are the same as Johnny Unitas' day, but the jersey style has been nicely modernized.

    The Colts have found a great balance between new and old in their home uniforms. 

8. Cincinnati Bengals

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    T.O. really came to the Bengals because he loved their jerseys.

    The black and orange stripes are a great touch and definitely make Cincinnati players some of the best dressed around the league.

7. Dallas Cowboys

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    You may not like Tony Romo, but you have to admit he looks pretty good in a Cowboys' jersey.

    With the simple yet elegant helmet, Dallas' home apparel is the classic football uniform and one of the best around the league.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Not many guys can pull off yellow pants.

    But the Pittsburgh Steelers look great with the black and yellow jerseys and have a classic helmet logo to boot.

5. New England Patriots

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    The silver and blue New England uniforms seem to just speak a sense of quiet confidence.

    It might just be that the Patriots have been so terrific this past decade that everything about them emanates the Bill Belichick aura, but I swear their jerseys add to their dominant image.

4. New Orleans Saints

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    Who doesn't like the New Orleans Saints' black and gold jerseys?

    Throw in the gold helmets with the black fleur de lis, and you've got one of the best uniforms in the league.

3. Chicago Bears

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    A staple of midwestern football, Chicago's uniform has not changed much over the years.

    Recently, it's taken on a bit more orange to compliment the "C" on their helmet, and the result is a top-five uniform.

2. Atlanta Falcons

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    The Atlanta Falcons' uniforms are the epitome of subtly elegant.

    The black helmet perfectly compliments the red and white theme present in the jersey and pants and keeps the bird logo's colors consistent throughout.

    Then again, you'd be hard-pressed to find something Matt Ryan doesn't look good in.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Philly green is a great look, especially with the white pants.

    The Eagle-wing helmet logo is also one of the best designs in football. 

    With such simplicity yet classiness, it's easy to see why the Eagles' uniforms are No. 1 on this list.