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25 Funniest Scenes in Sports Movie History

Ed NoveloCorrespondent IIIJanuary 13, 2017

25 Funniest Scenes in Sports Movie History

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    Sports movies are often dramatic, capturing the spirit and passion that make the game great. But every once in a while, they drop a few gems that keep us laughing over the years.

    I've attempted to collect some of those gems.

    I know many of you will think of funnier moments from the following movies, and if so, I'm sure I'll hear all about it, but keep in mind humor is subjective.

    That being said, let's take a look at 25 of the funniest scenes from our favorite sports movies.

25. Jerry Maguire (1996)

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    Personally, one of my favorite scenes from Jerry Maguire is at the opening when Jerry is trying to convince the young son of a football player that his father—who just suffered yet another concussion—will be just fine.

    In fact, he tells the kid, "It would take a tank to stop your dad." You'd think that would be comforting, but instead the kid responds with an emphatic, "F#&k you!"

    I can't find the clip for that, so check out this funny scene between Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr.

24. Tin Cup (1996)

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    There's nothing like a good pissing contest, and we have one here between caddy Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy and David Simms, professional golfer.

    And I can tell you one thing: Don't fire Tin Cup. He doesn't like that.

23. The Big Green (1995)

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    This was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I've probably seen it about 10 times. I even had a crush on Miss Anna Montgomery, the hot school teacher.

    This scene proves that when a new Mexican student shows up named Juan, don't doubt his soccer-playing skills, because he's surely better than everyone in the room. 

    You can call it a stereotype, but that's Disney for ya.

22. Slap Shot (1977)

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    (Note: skip to the 2:27 mark)

    The great thing about hockey is that you can punch people, and in the movie Slap Shot, that fact is demonstrated time and time again.

    This scene shows what happens when you interrupt our National Anthem.

    A great one-liner. 

21. The Bad News Bears (1976)

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    Who better to teach kids about life and the game of baseball than Morris Buttermaker, washed-up former minor league player and alcoholic? He's a wealth of knowledge, and his priorities are always in the right place. 

    This clip shows Buttermaker coaching the team straight to the bottom, with beer in hand, of course. And you might even hear a couple of racial slurs. 

    Hey, they're called the Bad News Bears for a reason. And their coach is an alcoholic for Christ's sake. What do you expect?

20. The Mighty Ducks (1992)

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    The Mighty Ducks is kind of corny if you ask me, but I like corny, and there's nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane. My memory lane is corny, too.

    I still jump up and cheer when I see the ending, but I make sure there's nobody around. It would usually go a little something like this. And could someone tell me if that guy is serious? I really hope not. 

    Check out this assortment of scenes, executed in class Disney fashion of the '90s. 

19. The Karate Kid (1984)

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    There wasn't a single damn thing Mr. Miyagi didn't know. 

    He had a way of taking ridiculous concepts and turning them into important life lessons. Some of them were head-scratchers, but once you understood what the hell he was talking about, you were much wiser for it.

    Here, we have Miyagi explaining the importance of belts.

18. The Sandlot (1993)

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    The Sandlot is an American classic, and it's simply a must-watch. 

    This scene perfectly captures how terrible kids are at talking trash, as their burns tend to focus a lot on stinky butts and the word "crap." Unfortunately, I'm still in this stage. But, hey, somebody's got to keep "butthead" and "buttface" alive.

    The worst burn of all? Telling someone they "play ball like a girl."

17. Cool Runnings (1993)

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    Cool Runnings tells the inspirational story of the first Jamaican bobsled team. It's hard to imagine them being successful when Doug E. Doug, otherwise known as Sanka, is on the team. 

    Next to Screech from Saved by the Bell, he's the single clumsiest person alive. Every second he's still breathing is a miracle.

    No wonder they're always asking him if he's dead.

16. White Men Can't Jump (1992)

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    There's a hell of a lot of cussing in this video, so you've been warned if you're easily offended.

    But for those of you who don't mind a few f-bombs, watch this classic scene between Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, because "it's pretty. It's so pretty."


    NSFW: This video contains some profanity.

15. The Longest Yard (2005)

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    These clips are from the recent remake of the 1974 classic. Sorry, I couldn't find any good clips from the original version online, so I'm sorry to those who are diehard fans. 

    But come on—this one has Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, so that's not so bad. 

    I particularly like the opening scene in the video compilation that features Adam Sandler making fun of Dan Patrick's—who is featured in a cameo role as a cop—partner for his large ears. 

14. Little Giants (1994)

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    You mess with Spike—you mess with death. Not that "Icebox" cares. 

    There's nothing like an athlete who talks in the third person and thinks he's better than everyone. It starts when they're young, and even as they're outplayed, it hardly humbles them.

    LeBron James.

    If you played sports growing up, you know there was always that one freak of nature that looked 10 years older than he should have; that's Spike.

    This is another movie from my youth that I had to place high.

13. The Replacements (2000)

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    I'm a football fanatic, and it's hard to believe that the wonderful sport of football could get any better. But, as this scene from The Replacements demonstrates, there might indeed be a way.

    This is the one and only way to divert my attention during a football game. This, and beer. Why can't things like this happen in real life? 

12. BASEketball (1998)

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    It probably wasn't Trey Parker and Matt Stone's best work, but at least it wasn't as bad as Orgazmo. This film definitely had its moments, as the video shows.

    These guys gave us South Park, so they're forever in my good graces. And if baseball was half as exciting as this, I would actually watch it.

11. Nacho Libre (2006)

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    Nacho Libre wasn't the greatest film in the world, but if you cut out the fat and condense it down—as this video does—you've got yourself some funny stuff. 

    Jack Black is like Robin Williams—not in regards to talent, so calm down—in that if you keep him on a leash, his personality can't run wild, annoying the hell out of me. 

    This is one of the few times I actually enjoyed him. 

10. Dodgeball (2004)

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    The concept seems simple enough: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

    It's amazing how much more agile and sharp-minded you become when there's a wrench flying at your face, or at least, you would think so. 

    Some people just aren't very athletic.

9. The Waterboy (1998)

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    Don't make fun of Bobby Boucher's momma, or you just might get messed up.

    Check out the 1:50 mark to see what I mean.

    I know I said earlier that the movie The Replacements might have figured out the only way to make football better, but I think jump kicks should get an honorable mention.

8. Blades of Glory (2007)

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    I don't know what's funnier, believing that "sex addiction" is a disease or being unable to resist a Posturepedic mattress, but ice skater Chazz Michael Michaels manages to do both in this scene.

    This movie personally isn't one of my favorites, but I know it has a following.

    This one's for you, following.

7. Major League (1989)

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    Baseball players are a superstitious bunch, and I would completely believe that a player would resort to voodoo to stop the curveball. 

    And that's exactly what outfielder Pedro Cerrano of the Cleveland Indians did in Major League.

    And when veteran pitcher Eddie Harris suggests Pedro find Jesus instead, Pedro says, "Jesus...I like him very much. But he no help with curveball."

    Hey, that's what I've been saying! 

6. Bull Durham (1988)

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    Hubris is the downfall of many athletes, as some think their talents are much better than they actually are. I'm looking at you, Javale McGee

    But as rookie pitcher for the Durham Bulls, Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh shows, sometimes it's better to listen to more experienced players.

    But, hey, sometimes you have to "announce [your] presence with authority."

5. Kingpin (1996)

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    Woody Harrelson makes another appearance on this list with Kingpin.

    The following is a compilation of funny scenes, but my favorite from it is at the 2:35 mark, when former bowling great Ernie McCracken—played by Bill Murray—shows why he really wants to be a father figure to "Little Billy" and "Little Jason."

    As Jason says, "Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, Mr. McCracken is already there."

    I bet he is. Watch the video and you'll know why, too.

4. Balls of Fury (2007)

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    Anytime Christopher Walken opens his mouth, it's comedy gold. And it's for this reason that I chose this clip from Balls of Fury.

    It may only be 22 seconds long, but that's all he needs. I don't know if he goes out of his way to talk like this or if he just had a stroke or something, but I've been trying to master my Walken impression for years now.

    "Okie-dokie artichokie." You couldn't hear me say that, but it was good.

3. Happy Gilmore (1996)

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    Ask Adam Sandler fans what movie of his is their favorite, and they'll surely tell you Happy Gilmore. For me personally, it's Punch-Drunk Love, but this is a close second.

    The video is actually a compilation of funny scenes, but you really can't beat Happy putting his hockey skills to good use, knocking out the golfer who's laughing at his terrible putting. 

    Then there's the scene where he gets beat up by Bob Barker.

2. Caddyshack (1980)

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    Golf is an incredibly difficult, technical game that require a lot of concentration, dedication and practice—and that's just if you want to play it well.

    When I play golf, I do the Happy Gilmore—it's run and swing. When I actually try, I look like "Whitey" here. Getting into the right frame of mind might require you to look like a dumbass, and I'm not willing to make that sacrifice just yet.

    If only I was as brave as Charles Barkley.

    So check out this scene of "Whitey," as I'm sure all you golf players out there will surely be saying, "I know so many guys that do this." And hopefully you're not that guy yourself. 

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

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    I'm typically not a fan of Will Ferrell. I just don't find him all that funny, unlike the show SportsNation, which thinks he's just the funniest person ever.

    I don't get it. It seems like he's always playing the same character, just like Johnny Depp, but that's a conversation for another day.

    I will say, though, this scene cracked me up. 

    Some of the best comedy comes from the joke being half true. Who among us can say that prayers this absurd don't occur in American households?

    If God does indeed exist—let's not debate this, please—even he couldn't help but shake his head at the asking of him to use his "baby Jesus powers" to cure a smelly leg.

    This scene is brilliant in its absurdity. 

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