WWE: Daniel Bryan Is Mr. Money in the Bank, Please Don't Screw This Up

Daruish GorgirzadehContributor IIIJuly 19, 2011

SmackDown's Mr. Money in the Bank: Daniel Bryan
SmackDown's Mr. Money in the Bank: Daniel Bryan

Hey guys, what's up?

Now that we're off the back of one of the best pay-per-views that WWE has produced for a very long time (and even arguably the best PPV of the PG era), in the form of Money In The Bank, there are a few burning issues that have had to be addressed.

One of them would obviously be the sight of CM Punk avoiding the Chicago Screwjob, managing to defeat John Cena in an absolutely epic match, before managing to avoid Alberto Del Rio's attempt at a Money in the Bank cash in attempt to successfully leave through the Chicago crowd with the WWE Championship in tow, all with time to blow Mr. McMahon a cheeky kiss goodbye.

The night also bore witness to another title change, in which Christian successfully managed to get inside Randy Orton's head and got him disqualified by spitting in his face, resulting in Christian being declared the new World Heavyweight Champion. However, judging by Orton's post match reaction, Christian seems to have taken Orton's anger issues to another level, which looks like it will not bode well for him in the future.

As epic as those two results were, I am writing this article to talk about another result that I would have never seen coming in a million years. Of course I'm talking about the SmackDown Money in the Bank match which saw the WWE throw a massive curveball that must have surprised nearly everybody watching the PPV.

I am talking about Daniel Bryan winning Money in the Bank. That is correct, the Daniel Bryan that has been ridiculed by guys like The Miz, Michael Cole and many of the IWC for being a nerd and the guy that Booker T has taken it upon himself to start calling D-Bry is now Mr. Money in the Bank. 

Wow that felt awesome to say.

I have to be totally honest, in the preview article I wrote for the PPV, I predicted Bryan would only be a filler guy in the match and I'm fairly certain many other people felt the same way. Now, that isn't because of his wrestling ability as he is one of the best technical wrestlers in the company, if not the best.

The reason his victory came as a massive surprise to me is because of the way his character has been booked since he returned to the WWE following his originally enforced hiatus after the tie choking incident with the Nexus. Aside from his first proper feud with The Miz in which he won the US title and a few epic matches with Dolph Ziggler towards the end of last year, he has not really been given the chance to run with the baton within the WWE.

Ever since the start of the year, he has not had so much success, with him losing his US title to Sheamus then entering feuds with guys like Cody Rhodes and not seeming to have much success. That is until now. 

Without a doubt, this victory is the biggest of his young WWE career and seems to show WWE is willing to put faith into him by allowing him to win MITB. Like in the case of his Raw counterpart Alberto Del Rio, Bryan has only really been with the company for around a year, so to win one of the briefcases means the WWE has to see him as a future main event star within the company.

At least that is what I hope. I really hope WWE is going to use this victory to really build up his character into a bonafide main event guy before having him cash in and win a championship. They have a year to make the changes that need to be made and also give him the amount of television time he will evidently need to improve on his mic skills and overall general appeal.

The thing that worries me with the WWE is the less than favorable attitude towards wrestlers of smaller statures. Apart from Rey Mysterio, can anyone name another wrestler that has weighed under 200 pounds that has gone on to win one of the main event championships within the company? It's tricky isn't it? Sure there have been smaller guys to an extent like Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, The Miz and it could even be argued CM Punk. However, these guys have all been given characters that allow them to get over with the audience in one way or another.

The one statistic that really worries me and makes me feel the WWE will screw this up is the pure fact that there have been eight Money in the Bank matches and eight consecutive times the winner has successfully cashed in to win either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Now the law of averages suggests sooner or later someone will cash in and lose. 

A large amount of people speculated last year the Miz would be the first one to cash in and lose, but the way everything transpired, he went on to have a five-month reign as WWE Champion. Now with this year's winners, I really don't see them having Del Rio cash in and lose because this guy has been built up so many times so quickly only to have circumstances go against him and lose. The WWE really could not do this to him as well and still make him look credible.

This is why I have a horrible feeling Daniel Bryan will be the scapegoat. I really do hope this will not be the case. I am asking, even begging, the WWE to give him time to make the necessary changes and to also give him the necessary build up for the inevitable cash in and please let him be successful in doing it.

I truly hope that within the space of this upcoming year, at some point I hear the words "Here is your winner and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion...Daniel Bryan." 

Therefore WWE, I am simply asking you for one thing and one thing only: Please, please, please don't screw this up for the American Dragon, Daniel Bryan.

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