IMPACT Wrestling: Why Signing Chavo Guerrero Makes Too Much Sense

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IMPACT Wrestling: Why Signing Chavo Guerrero Makes Too Much Sense

Chavo Guerrero asked for his release from the WWE about a month ago.

He felt unappreciated, which is understandable, after putting over other talent and even jobbing to Hornswoggle.

Chavo took to Twitter to address his release and other topics on his mind.

Recently, Chavo has been bashing former WWE Champion John Cena.

Chavo's comments generated some attention from the wrestling world, most recently granting him an interview.

It's an interesting interview. Chavo talks about John Cena, his release and his thoughts on how WWE handled Eddie's death.

When Chavo was asked who he most wants to work with, he gave three answers: A.J. Styles, Kurt Angle and heel Randy Orton.

A.J. and Angle are obviously in IMPACT Wrestling.

Well, that's interesting.

It seems as if it makes too much sense for Chavo to be offered an IMPACT contract.

The most obvious reason would be for the current Mexican America angle going on.

Should Chavo be offered an IMPACT Wrestling contract?

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Hernandez, Anarquia, Sarita and Rosita. Mexican America.

Not one of them is great on the mic. No. They're actually pretty boring, bland and flat out bad. They talk about being held back due to their race more than Alberto Del Rio talks about his destiny.

That's a lot.

Another issue people have with this stable is the fact that Anarquia is Italian, Sarita is Canadian, and so on.

This stable is missing something:

1.) Someone that can cut a decent promo from time to time

2.) Some more Mexican blood. More heritage.

On both counts, Chavo can deliver.

The stable doesn't exactly have a clear-cut leader. Hernandez and Anarquia seem like equals to me, and the crew is in need of a good leader.

Another reason why Chavo deserves a contract is because IMPACT officials stated that they are looking to revamp the X Division.

Chavo, a four-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, definitely fits the bill of being a top contender in the X Division.

Chavo is a great talent and has no problem putting over the younger guys. I'd also love to see Chavo win the X Division title.

The third reason is because Hector Guerrero is half of the Spanish broadcast team in IMPACT. I wouldn't be too surprised if Chavo goes where some family is.

The option is an interesting one.

You know how the WWE is always looking to spread internationally? Like signing international stars such as Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, Sheamus, Khali, etc.?

Those guys are considered superstars in their home country. 

Khali, terrible in the ring, is really popular amongst the Indian people. Sin Cara has his own comic book made after him in Mexico.

WWE really cashes in on these guys.

Maybe IMPACT can do the same with Chavo.

There's no top Mexican star in IMPACT as far as I know.

They can use Chavo to reach out to the Spanish fan base more than usual. They can make Chavo the top Mexican wrestler in IMPACT Wrestling.

Let me run through those reasons again as to why it makes too much sense in signing Chavo Guerrero.

1.) Mexican America needs help

2.) He'd be a perfect fit in revamping the X Division

3.) He has family there

4.) Make a top international star out of him

Thank you for reading. See you Friday for my IMPACT reviews!

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