WWE: With Vince McMahon Fired, It's Time for Triple H to Turn Heel

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJuly 19, 2011

July 17, 2011. The day which will forever go down in history (I hope I'm not speaking too soon) as the day which laid the groundwork for a much-wanted change of events.

We had a Ring of Honor sensation, Daniel Bryan grabbing the Money In The Bank Briefcase, which assured him of a title shot for the World Championship any time he wants.

Internet's own golden boy, Christian, actually won the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Randy Orton showed more personality than he had in a couple of months.

John Cena was actually allowed to wrestle a match and not just Superman his way out of it. He and CM Punk put on a very good match, and Punk walked out the new WWE Champion.

All these events, which can't be considered a coincidence, pointed to a massive change in the direction of the company.

However, what happened on RAW took many of us by surprise.

During the final segment of the night, Triple H came into the ring and announced to the WWE Universe and Vince McMahon that the board had decided to replace Vince McMahon on grounds of no confidence, and that Triple H would be replacing him.

The send-off that Vince got from Triple H was quite an emotional one, and it was a good moment for pro wrestling fans.

However, there is one thing which could have made it even better: A Triple H heel turn.

Imagine this scenario: Vince McMahon is in the ring waiting to hear what Triple H has to say.

Triple H is trying to ease in to the official announcement, with the live audience and people at home are watching.

All of a sudden, Triple H looks Vince McMahon in the eye, his expression changing as he says the words, "Vince Kennedy Mcmahon...You're fired."

I agree that it would be odd to do it to him on his final appearance as the Chairman (on screen), but that is what Vince has done all through his career.

He hasn't allowed people to walk off with respect and has always twisted angles allowing himself to come out on top. Truth be told, these controversial moments have often stood out. This is what wrestling all about: keeping the audience engaged no matter what.

The Vince-Triple H angle is done, but it does not mean that Triple H can't turn heel now. There are many ways in which he could turn heel, one of which will be discussed by my friend RiZE. Stay tuned for his upcoming post.

On a side note, it was great watching RAW after a record 11 weeks. And the best part of the night was the fact that we got a handful of actual good wrestling matches and a strong segment to follow it. 

Now that the bricks are laid, let me tell you why Triple H needs to turn heel.

Now is the time for change and Triple H needs to be the nerve center for change!

Step back and read on!

Vince McMahon is arguably one of the most controversial figures associated with professional wrestling.

He has been accused of doing a lot of things. Read this article by my fellow writer and friend Muzzy New Daud for details about the various things Vince is notorious for.

To quote CM Punk, "You're (Vince is) apologizing to these people for being one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in my entire life."

I agree with his statement through and through. But then would Vince McMahon been able to create such a ruckus and turn so many heads had he been a clean figure? I don't think so.

The truth is, Controversy Creates Cash (Hear, Hear, Bishoff)

At the moment, the WWE is coming hot off the heels of a magnificent pay-per-view and are sitting in a position from which they can make many effective changes.

Who will be the torch bearer for this change?

Unfortunately, due to the WWE not having pushed too many people, they are left with very few choices. They don't have enough time to build someone up and make use of the momentum gained from Money In The Bank.

Our options include John Cena, CM Punk and Triple H.

The thing with John Cena is that the WWE can turn him heel and make him run with it, but I think that they would like to keep him as a backup plan to grab as much money as possible from one end, while the company slyly makes the changes.

When you make a business move which involves changes, you need a plan to fall back on, and Cena is the backup plan at the moment.

I really don't see him being the nerve center of change, seeing as he has already achieved the status of a veteran in the company.

Next up is CM Punk.

Now, Punk would be an ideal choice to run with the company. But, first and foremost, as long as he does not sign a new contract, the WWE can't book him for major story lines.

Even if they have signed him already, Punk will be a face and will be cheered.

My point being that even if he is re-signed, he will need an arch-nemesis.

And that brings us to Triple H.

Barring the conditions offstage, Triple H is the Chairman in our eyes. As wrestling fans are accustomed to hearing it, he is the Boss!

Imagine how much sense it would make if Triple H were the nerve center of change. Being the chairman, his powers will be unlimited, and he could really cause a ruckus with his unjust decision-making.

Pretty much like Vince McMahon, Triple H's name is synonymous with backstage politics.

That not only gives us matter to dwell on and talk about, but it gives us the perfect scenario: blurring the lines between kayfabe and reality.

Come to think of it, Triple H turning heel and getting into these rivalries where the perfect scenario is often reached, we will have a perfect story line to fall back on as the company tries to take a new direction.

A Triple H heel turn will be perfect for the WWE.

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