Allen Iverson Headed to Detroit: Good Move by Pistons GM Joe Dumars

Jason FunkContributor INovember 3, 2008

Just two games into the season, a blockbuster trade has already been made in the NBA.

The Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets agreed on a deal to send Allen Iverson to Detroit in return for Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess and Cheikh Samb.

The Pistons won the NBA championship in 2004. That year, GM Joe Dumars brought in Rasheed Wallace in a midseason trade to round out a great starting four—Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and Ben Wallace—who were just searching for that fifth piece.

Rasheed came in and sparked the Pistons to the championship. Since then, they have made it to at least the Eastern Conference Finals in every season, with the same starters—with the exception of Ben Wallace.

Every year, this same team loses deep in May, and always leaves fans wondering—will they ever be able to get over the hump again?

This trade might be the answer. The more and more the league changes, the more and more the Pistons stay the same. This brings someone fresh into the organization, someone new to rejuvenate this team.

Beyond that, Iverson brings that playmaking ability that the Pistons had been lacking. Sure, Hamilton and Prince can make plays—but late in the fourth quarter, when the team is trying to hold off someone for a victory, or trying to make a shot with seconds left to win, Iverson's hands are the one's you want the ball in.

He brings the scoring ability that was good for third in the NBA last year. He now brings the hunger for an NBA championship that he has been deprived his whole career, and he brings the intangibles to win basketball games—which is what this Pistons squad needs if they plan to beat the Celtics and play into June.