Why We Enjoy Sports

CabbageContributor IJanuary 27, 2008

Every Sunday you wake up, have some breakfast and go about your regular routine until about 1:00 p.m.

Then you flick on the tube and watch a group of guys go head to head in an all out battle for a ball.

Seem pointless?

If you really think about it, football really is just bunch of oversized guys jumping over each other, aspiring to reach the end zone. And baseball is just an enormous stick being swung at a leather-covered ball.

So why do we adore it so much? I guess we find it entertaining to pick any team to  desperately want to win and never stop wanting. When our team loses, we let it dismantle our day—but one win can put us in the best of moods.

So is there a real reason? Studies on the brain can only tell you so much. I think that it is the effort of the players that keep us constantly enthralled in their performance. They try so hard to come out as the victors of their game-day battles, and this is what keeps us so excited over what they do, good or bad.

So, we've gone over the pointlessness of our sports and why we find them so meaningful. Now you can either chose to agree with me or disagree, but this is why I think we enjoy sports.