WWE: Why Daniel Bryan and Alex Riley Will Win World Titles

StarblaydeContributor IIJuly 19, 2011

The 'American Dragon' will fly to great heights
The 'American Dragon' will fly to great heightsGallo Images/Getty Images

WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and Alex Riley will both win world championships during their time with WWE. It's a prediction that has become a little less bold since Bryan became owner of a certain blue briefcase, but there are a number of reasons why.

Firstly, they're both over as babyfaces. Simple reasoning right out of the gate suggests they're going on to great things. Riley was over thanks to The Miz giving him a massive push. Bryan, too, is now over thanks to Money in the Bank.

Babyfaces in the WWE are few in number, with the majority of wrestlers who aren't straight heels being perceived as tweeners. In the shakedowns for the two main titles, it's only Rey Mysterio who can measure up to the genuine face reaction that Bryan and Riley are getting.

Don't believe me? Let's run through some of the tweeners in the two championship pictures.

Randy Orton is a face with a violent mental disorder who believes that kicking people in the head is just giving them what they deserve. Physique and good looks aside, he's a heel with a face reaction.

The superman good-guy John Cena is booed by about half the audience wherever he goes.

Christian acts as a heel, but Captain Charisma still gets more than his fair share of cheers thanks to his—no pun intended—charisma.

The Miz gets similar reactions to Christian (Angry Miz Girl is the exception).

Everyone else is a straight heel. In a world where the face gets the titles and everyone goes home feeling great, these two guys are automatically on the path to success.

Both guys are good in the ring, though in different styles. Bryan's technical ability is second to none, while Riley's matches with Miz—who scores low for technique—were great to watch.

A-Ry and D-Bry even have nicknames, simplistic though they are. One was created by the fans, the other by Booker T, who has now placed Bryan in his "Fave Five"—obviously the pinnacle of the American Dragon's career.

Before Money in the Bank, I would have said that Riley was a lock for a world title in the future, while Bryan might have to be content with the Intercontinental or US belts.

With the performances the two of them gave in those matches, Bryan has just moved ahead of Riley in the race for a title. While Bryan will go on to get far more air time and hype, Riley has to move on from his feud with The Miz before it becomes stale in order to really push his career on.

In their role as the young, over Superstar on their respective brand, Bryan and Riley have a bright future ahead of them.