Juventus: 4 Players Moggi Would Have Signed If He Was at Juventus

Borna KolbadiCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2011

Juventus: 4 Players Moggi Would Have Signed If He Was at Juventus

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    Luciano Moggi, the former football director of Juventus, is known by many as one of the greatest at transfers and has always been regarded highly by the media for his opinion.

    Moggi has always had great connections in the world of football and is known for his brilliant decision making in the process of selling and buying players. During his time at the helm of Juventus, Moggi signed many players at an extremely low price and also sold players at a higher price than they were rated because of his brilliant marketing strategies.

    Some of these transfers include, Zinedine Zidane (£ 3.2 million and sold him to Real Madrid for £ 65.8 million), Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edgar Davids, Pavel Nedved and many other football legends.

    Since the 2006 Italian football scandal, Moggi has been banned from any activity in the Serie A and this has been felt mostly by Juventus, who have spend hundreds of millions since 2006 and have not won a single title. 

    In the past months, Moggi has been speaking out more and more about some of the players he believes Juventus should sign, which also shows how frustrated he is at the men who have been in control of the transfers in Juventus recently.

    Four of the players that Moggi has mentioned publicly on his Facebook page are shown here. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Moggi has always thought of Ibrahimovic as a complete forward and perfect to lead Juventus' offense.

    Moggi recently said that Aguero and Rossi are not worth €30-45 million and will not solve the problems of Juventus, according to goal.com.

    It is believed that moggie would spend that money to sign Ibrahimovic if he was still at Juventus, because Ibrahimovic is a proven Serie A player and can challenge any defence in the Serie A.

    The biggest advantage that Ibrahimovic would bring to Juventus is his goal scoring record against smaller teams, in which Juventus struggled throughout the past two seasons.

Lassana Diarra

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    Lassana Diarra is another player that Moggi has expressed his admiration for.

    Moggi has stated many times that he believes Juventus should sign the french player and believes Diarra's style of play is much more suited to Serie A than those of Felipe Melo or Mohamed Sissoko.

    Diarra would be available at around €10-15 million but Moggi would probably exchange Melo for Diarra and take some €5 million in return.

    It is easy to see the reason behind Moggi's admiration, Diarra is a combative midfielder that is also calm and confident on the ball and has great short passing skills as well. 

Frank Ribery

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    Frank Ribery has proven to be a consistent winger that gives his all in every game and also provides the team with decisive goals. That alone explains why Moggi thinks so highly of the player.

    Ribery is a player that plays for the jersey, and respects his team. Its true that he speaks his mind at times and says things that do not appeal to the fans of the club he plays for, but that itself is refreshing when one sees the political way players speak nowadays.

    Moggi has said on his Facebook page that Ribery would be a great signing and that he believes the french is much better than the incosistent Michel Bastos that Juventus have been courting for so long.

    Left wing is the main position that Juventus need strengthening in and with his performances during the past two season, Ribery has proven to be a worthy heir to Pavel Nedved's throne.

    Ribery would cost Juventus around €25 million but Moggi would probably work out an exchange plus cash deal that would end up costing around €15 million.

Ibrahim Afellay

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    "Maybe Afellay!" Those are one of the latest posts on Moggi's Facebook page.

    Moggi probably sees the Dutch player's great potential and bargain price. Barcelona need to raise some funds to sign both Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanches, and Moggi feels that this is a great opportunity to sign Afellay.

    Afellay is a player with great technical ability and is a brilliant passer of the ball. If Conte wants a man to play 'in the hole' in a 4-2-3-1 formation, Afellay is the man.

    Barcelona might not be willing to sell him, but a loan move would probably be possible.

    The player would cost around €15 million, but there could be an exchange offer as well. Barcelona have a very slim squad, and while their youth system guarantee replacements for the attacking players, the defensive players need good, young back-ups and there are some options in that area in Juventus.