LSU, the Time Is Now! Seize the Moment!

Leo DonelonCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Time, Place, Team, and Motivation come together once in a lifetime.


The Time is now, when LSU is at the lowest point it’s been in years. The Place is Tiger Stadium, perfect for the Tigers. The Team is the number one-ranked Crimson Tide, who everyone knows is coached by a former Tiger coach.


Motivation—where do I start? There is a long list.


Nick Saban was the man who they gave the keys to the kingdom in 2003. Then the beloved coach left.


The number one ranked team is Alabama. There is a long history between the teams: Cholly Mac, the Bear, and all those games.


National television is the perfect stage. Look what happened to Florida’s ranking when they beat the fourth-ranked Tigers this year. Jarrett Lee, LSU’s quarterback, seems to play better under pressure. These moments are talked about around the tailgating fires for decades. That is, if the team grabs the moment.


The Tigers have the ability and the talent to make history. The question is whether this Tiger football team is ready to make history.

Sometimes it takes a moment like this to lead a team to greatness.