Madden 12: Predicting the Player Ratings for the Tennessee Titans

Chase SummersCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2011

Madden 12: Predicting the Player Ratings for the Tennessee Titans

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    The release of Madden 12 is coming soon and the anticipation is mounting. What will the game play be like, how will the new features effect the game, can Chris Collinsworth be any more freaking annoying than last year?

    Most importantly though, what will be the player ratings be? Every year there are arguments about which players were overrated (Brett Favre) and which players were underrated(Greg Jennings). Also every year before the realease fans try to guess what their favorite players ratings will be. 

    So without further ado I present the Tennessee Titans Madden 12 predictions.


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    Jake Locker: 73, they will give him a respectable rating, but since he is a rookie he won't get past a 75.

    Rusty Smith: 59, He got dominated by one of the worst secondaries in NFL history, Ryan Leaf laughs at Smith's skill.

Running Backs

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    Chris Johnson: 96, his rating will fall a bit after a off season, but he is still pretty good

    Javon Ringer: 71, showed flashes of talent and has a good future.

Full Back

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    Ahmad Hall: 77, was an 84 last year , but had a bad year.

Wide Receivers

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    Kenny Britt: 90, Hopefully he will get a better speed rating this year, but not too much better, he definitely doesn't have get away from the cops speed.

    Nate Washington: 75, He's a solid second receiver, not much more.

    Damien Williams: 71, He showed flashes lat year and seems to have a solid career ahead of him

    Lavelle Hawkins: 67, If it's possible he should get a 94 rating during the preseason.

    Marc Mariani: 69, But 99 as a returner.

    Justin Gage: 57, He's past whatever prime he may of had.

Tight Ends

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    Bo Scaife: 73, He really isn't as good as some people say and last year he dropped a lot of balls.

    Craig Stevens: 69, Not a good receiver, but a very solid blocker.

    Jared Cook: 74, This kid has a lot of potential, watch out.

Offensive Linemen

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    Michael Roos: 97, One of the NFL's best.

    David Stewart: 95, Another one of the NFL's best.

    Eugene Amano: 74, He has been solid up until last year, but last year was pretty bad.

    Leroy Harris: 71, If the coaches teach him how to block they might have a good player on their hands.

    Mike Otto: 64, Solid backup and has potential.

    Troy Kropog: 71, Maybe the best backup lineman on the team.

    Fernando Velasco: 62, Another good backup.

    Kevin Matthews: 69, I was impressed with this undrafted rookie. He could be a starter soon.

    Jake Scott: 87, A good solid starter.

Defensive Linemen

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    Jason Babin: 89, Came out of nowhere lat year to have 12.5 sacks

    William Hayes: 73, Good pass rusher, still raw.

    Jason Jones: 85, doesn't get the credit he deserves. He is a very good pass rusher.

    Jovan Haye: 74, may be the odd man out in the tackle rotation. He is smaller than the coaching staff wants and is getting old.

    Sen'Derrick Marks: 75, An up and comer. Look for his rating to improve next year.

    Jacob Ford: 70, Mainly just a pass rusher, but has upside.

    Derrick Morgan: 77, Had a good start to his rookie campaign before an ACL tear brought it to a halt.

    Tony Brown: 76, Injury problems and poor play will hurt his rating this year.

    Dave Ball: 82, Like Babin came out of nowhere to become a contributor.

    Jurrell Casey: 66, A good looking rookie who may contribute moving forward.

    Zach Clayton: 56, The Madden raters are not kind to seventh round picks. 


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    Akeem Ayers: 72, A first round talent that fell to the second round. Watch out for this rookie.

    Stephen Tulloch: 87, Great run stopper, but struggles in pass defense. 

    Will Witherspoon: 75, Average veteran. Does nothing special, but isn't awful.

    Gerald McRath: 70, Had a bad year and may not have what it takes to be a starter in the NFL.

    Rennie Curran: 67, small, but has a lot of heart.

    David Thorton: 65, Way over the Hill. May be most valuable as a mentor at this point in his career.

    Tim Shaw: 47, Pure special teams player.

    Collin McCarthy: 61, Has potential, but might not get a chance for a few years.

    Ken Amato: 44, Great long snapper, but not so much at linebacker.


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    Cortland Finnegan: 89, Unfortunately his rating in the upcoming boxing game Andre Johnson Punchout is much lower.

    Alteraun Verner: 81, Great rookie year for this guy. I am very much looking forward to seeing Verner play for years to come.

    Chris Hope: 74, He got burned a lot, forgot how to tackle, and looked lost at times. Still he is just a few years removed from a Pro-Bowl, maybe he has one more season left in him.

    Michael Griffin: 91, Despite some mental errors played well enough to be named All-Pro.

    Jason McCourty: 73, Became a good nickleback.

    Ryan Mouton: 64, A liability at pretty much everything he tries. 

    Donnie Nickey: 43, Plays special teams. May be his last hurrah.

    Tommie Capbell: 52, We know he is fast, but can he play.

    Vincent Fuller: 58, Did well a nickleback, but younger talent beat him out.

    Robert Johnson: 55, Could surprise if Hope struggles.

    Myron Rolle: 51, Played on the practice squad all last year. Some say he is too smart for his own good, I say I wish Vince Young had the same problem.


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    Rob Bironas: 96.

    He is truly one of the best in the league. 

    Brett Kern: 81.

    He punts and his name is not Ray Guy, so I'm guessing you don't care.