Are the Bills the Worst Team in the AFC East?

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

The Buffalo Bills had pretty high expectation coming into this season this year as their fans were excited about the young team the Bills assembled.  Then the Bills started off the year 4-0 and gave Bills fans even higher one. 


It was being talked on local shows how the Bills might even be reach the Super Bowl as they were the top AFC East team and one of the tops in the entire AFC. 


After a 1-3 stretch, and two straight losses in the division, I am starting to wonder if the Bills are indeed the weakest link in the AFC East.


Now I know it is only two games, and the Bills are still sitting at a very nice record of 5-3 (which is 7th in the AFC which is one spot out of a wildcard berth and tied for 1st in the AFC East), but losses to the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins have raised some eyebrows. 


The Bills have played terrible football in the last two weeks.  For starters the running game is no where to be seen.  


Marshawn Lynch carried the ball 9 times yesterday for 16 yards.  16 yards! 


Are you kidding me? 


This guy is a 1st round draft pick and in his 2nd year in the pros, and he has yet to go past 100 yards this season on the ground. The running back suffered from some kind of illness for most of the game yesterday.  


Hopefully he doesn’t take a look at his performance, because that will make him sick all over again.  It certainly has made me.


The offensive line is horrible and it has been for the entire season. Pro Bowl LT Jason Peters is not going to get that big money extension that he held out for and missed the 1st game of the regular season with, like he wants. He is letting guys go right by him.


The rest of the line is very mediocre also. They block for running backs that get an average of 93.8 yards a game which is good for 26th best in the league.


Not only can they not run block but they can’t pass block either. They allowed 5 sacks yesterday with some very nice “look out” blocks.


I didn’t know that J.P. Losman was playing in the game against the Jets?  Hmm, let’s take a look how he did…oh wait…Trent Edwards has played very poorly the last two weeks and the offense has sputtered.  


In his defense he doesn’t have a real threat at the WR position other than Lee Evans, the running game is awful and he is getting pressured like crazy, but 3 turnovers in this one?  An absolute ugly interception that went for a pick-six was thrown that ended a promising Bills drive. 


Sure you can play the pressure and Roscoe Parrish for slipping, but as a QB you don’t throw that ball into double coverage. It didn’t even look like Edwards looked at Roscoe, just threw it where he thought he would be. Edwards needs to step up his game too if he wants to led the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade. 


With many of these problems being with the offense, the defense has also lacked in one big part of the game, stopping the opponent’s offense when it is needed.


Now don’t get me wrong, the pick six by Jabri Greer was a great play that brought the Bills back into the game but the Bills had to come out and get the ball back. 


Instead the Jets went right down the field, taking eight minutes off of the clock and adding another field goal to put the game away. A playoff caliber defense needs to step up and make that stop. 


The Bills started off the year so great, 4-0 and then 5-1. They had the entire city of Buffalo behind them, cheering them on every week. Even if it meant going to a friends house, crowded bar or dusting off the rabbit ears to catch the Bills game with grainy reception. 

The game next week against the New England Patriots on the road is a must win for this Bills team. They cannot go 0-3 in this division because teams will pass them by. How can they accomplish a win? 

For starters the team needs to get healthy and play like they did early in the season.  When the Bills had the good record to start off the season, they were playing great on all three aspects of the game.

Their offense was clicking, defense was solid and their special teams unit was game changing. Now nothing is working on all sides of the ball. They have to get back to basics and go with what worked early in the season. Holding onto the football and establishing a rushing game is a must.

They have already lost to the Jets and Dolphins. A loss to the Pats this week, by default, would make the Bills the worst team in the AFC East.