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Quick Hits
A combination of traveling down to Jax for a total ass whipping and then traveling to Charlotte and back today for work has left me, well, "depleted." So, I've just got some quick things to touch on before getting back into the grove GROOVE (shout out: The Song Writer) later this week.

  • First, let's start with a list of must reads for you. My personal favorite is Mackie's take on the game. For some reading that involves more than one word, check out PWD's take and also don't skip over what the Senator said as well.

  • Philip Fulmer is gone at UT. This helps us this year in terms of recruiting, but there are some big names being thrown around for the vacancy. Personally, I think it's tough for the Vol Nation to hire someone from within (especially with Cutcliffe gone) that is capable of bringing the program back around. Names like Lane Kiffin and Will Muschamp are tough to ignore, even though you couldn't pay me to take Muschamp.

  • Finally, people need to stop with the "Bench Knowshon & Stafford," "Fire Martinez & Bobo," and "So-and-so is going pro." Look, if you really think the way to win the next three games is to bench our two best players, you're insane. Also, if you think we should fire BOTH coordinators, then you're insane as well. You can beat the drum about firing Martinez and I won't completely disagree, but the aggressiveness is what's missing right now, not scheme. The attitude isn't there. Name another DC right now you'd like to have that will run a better scheme and have the aggression that we need. I think you'll be hard pressed to find one...and if you say Muschamp, you're crazy as hell there, too. I like his aggression, but Muschamp has been dominated time after time by the Dawgs AND his CBs are always getting crushed. That's not an answer.

Just my random thoughts. More posting later.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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