Sin Cara Suspended: Why His WWE Career Has Flopped

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIJuly 18, 2011

Sin Cara Suspended: Why His WWE Career Has Flopped

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    I want to like Sin Cara, but he makes it very difficult.

    The news broke today that he has been suspended due to a breach of the WWE's talent wellness policy, meaning he won't be around for the next month (hence that dramatic exit in the ladder match last night).

    I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise to us, though; Sin Cara's entire WWE career so far has been a depressingly long line of epic fail. Look at the evidence.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: Botching His Entrance

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    I suppose we should have guessed something was up when he had a trampoline for his entrance and mostly managed to graze the top rope with his belly before collapsing head-first into the ring.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: Seriously, the Botched Entrance

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    Watching it from this angle is even better, if a little bit cruel.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: The Botch with Primo

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    So this one was Primo's fault on Sin Cara's debut—he slips, and Sin Cara falls accordingly. However, the no-sell of the fall is what drew everyone's attention to it.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: The Botch with Chavo Guerrero

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    Sin Cara wanted to try La Mistica here, it seems. And again, it's his opponent that creates the problem.

    But this, coming about six weeks after Sin Cara's debut, is surely where questions should have been asked. WWE should have been wondering if their new talent really had what it took to make it as a superstar and adjust to the style required.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: The Raw/Smackdown Brand Switch at Draft

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    Sin Cara, as the company's great hope, debuted on Raw. He was quietly shifted over to Smackdown in the draft to give him more time and space to learn the WWE style, apparently, away from the pressures of live television.

    What we've seen on Smackdown has been a slowly improving worker, but it's happening under really annoying blue-and-gold lights.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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    When Sin Cara crashed through that ladder courtesy of Sheamus, a little part of me thought it wouldn't be surprising if he'd actually managed to injure himself by botching his landing.

    Others suggested that it was part of an injury angle, allowing him to head off quietly to developmental and work on his WWE skills.

    As it turns out, it was part of an injury angle, allowing him to fail a talent wellness test and quietly hide out for 30 days.

Sin Cara's WWE Failures: His Future Endeavors?

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    So do you think we will see Sin Cara in a WWE ring again? Or will he be quietly sidelined and then future endeavored soon? After all, many talented wrestlers have received far fewer chances from the notoriously unforgiving chairman of the board...