Super Bowl XLII: Where in the World Is Tom Brady?

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2008

Tom Brady has gone missing from practice for the second straight day!

On Monday, Brady was seen wearing a protective boot, leading many reporters to believe that Brady was injured.  Brady was not in practice two days ago and again yesterday he went unseen.

If it is true that Brady's ankle is injured, it could have a huge effect on Super Bowl Sunday.  Even if Brady's ankle heals by Feb. 3rd, he will have been out from practice for at least a few days.

Missing practice can ruin your game.  If Brady does not play well, how in the world will the Patriots beat the Giants?

Tom Brady is the key to the Patriots offense.  If all these reports are correct, Patriots fans should be worried.

Imagine an offense with an injured Tom Brady.  The Pats need every player healthy, especially their quarterback.  Remember, the last game of the season, the Giants almost beat the Pats.  Who knows what will happen with an injured Brady?

Pats fans should all be asking one question: Where in the world is Tom Brady?  The Pats may be in for a shocker if Brady doesn't heal up.