All I Want For Christmas Is A New Offensive Line!

Erik DianaCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Well, it's official: The Steelers will go nowhere significant because of their horrible offensive line. They can't beat good to great teams that play in the NFC East. And when they play the Titans it could get ugly!

The worst thing about this offensive unit is watching that total moron Bruce Arians not have his unit actually try to counter with rollouts, traps, draws and sprint options to either side. (Is there a worse offensive coordinator in the NFL?)

The Steelers need to fire their offensive line coach. The Steelers need to fire Bruce Arians. The Steelers need to let Marvel Smith and Max Starks go. The Steelers need to draft linemen (on both sides of the ball) in all but one round of the NFL Draft in April.

What's scary is that this problem for the Steelers may last 3-4 years before they get a dominant line again. Nobody should believe in the Steelers until they have a decent line.

Did you realize that they have tried to make up for the loss of Alan Faneca and Jeff Hartings with free agent signings and low draft picks? The two were perennial Pro-Bowl players and they thought they could make up for their absence with free agent signings and drafting players like Tony Hills. That's the definition of stupid!

What in the hell was Kevin Colbert thinking? Maybe Bill Cowher was smart by getting out of town before he would take the heat of poor drafting for this unit. He did kind of quit on the Steelers in the 2006 season.

Someone needs to hold Colbert accountable for his terrible drafting.

Remember, the Steelers could have Nick Mangold instead of their pot-smoking, deactived/suspended/team distraction of a wide receiver! They could have moved up for a guy like Jeff Otah instead of taking a running back they didn't need. (And mark my words I think Mendenhall is going to be a disaster! If you have a great line, you rarely need a first round running back.)

So this is the Steelers bed and they have to lie in it for a while! Or maybe it's the bed in the hospital that Ben Roethlisberger will be recovering in!