The Bama vs LSU Breakdown Coming Soon.

Christopher Williams@@6thCLagniappeCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

This week I plan on breaking down the LSU vs Alabama game, since many reads do not care to read my opinion, I figured I would give the people what they want and break down this weekends game.

You want the X and O? I will give it to you because I want to be a respectable writer, but no matter how this match up looks on paper, I am still convinced LSU will win this game.

If you are a LSU or a Alabama fan, this is the biggest game of the year and I wish I was able to write more about this game, but it will be a busy week for me at work. Maybe Bleacher Report will offer me a full time job as a writer so I can provide my side of the sports world, but until then I have to do this whenever I find time.