25 Sexy Sports Hotties Who Won't End Up as WAGs

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIJuly 19, 2011

25 Sexy Sports Hotties Who Won't End Up as WAGs

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    We all want want what we can't have.

    For some athletes, having a sexy female on their arms is almost as important as their skills on the field. These WAGs symbolize status and when done just right, might improve your stock amongst the rest of the team.

    For the celebrity sports hottie, snatching up a famous jock can have an equally positive affect on your career. This might make you part of the "IT" couple and some of most desirable people in the world.

    The young ladies around the sports world come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here are the ones that probably won't settle on just being a WAG.

25. Hope Solo

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    She was awesome during the World Cup and rose to national prominence for her play and good looks.

    My favorite part of the whole World Cup was when she would freak out. It was usually over a horrible call or a botched defensive play, but Solo looked so good doing it. I would imagine that sort of attitude translates to real life.

    “How can you have forgotten the milk!!!!” No thank you. I don’t think she has an off switch.

24. Tawny Kitaen

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    She was the former wife of pitcher Chuck Finley before her domestic violence spat that separated the couple.

    An actress that does drugs and beats people up – say it aint so! She clearly has issues with making good decisions so I don’t think she will be too kind to the idea of a husband who is going to try and keep her under control. Let's consider her retired from WAGdom.

23. Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols

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    There are bad ways to break up with you fiancé, and then there is the way Richard Jefferson did it. He emailed his girlfriend, the Nets dancer and told her that the wedding was off and their relationship was over; talk about being scared.

    I don’t see her running back to the place where she had the worst moment of her life any time soon. Thanks Richard, you ruined another good one for us. 

22. Kim Kardashian

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    Ok Kris Humphries, we know you nabbed this not so talented “celebrity” and are about to marry her, but buyer beware.

    There has to be a Vegas betting line that allows you to place money on whether the couple will actually go through with the wedding or not.

    She is a serial dater whose feet are getting colder by the day.

21. Brooke Daniels

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    Roy Williams gave Daniels an engagement ring worth upwards of $76,000 that she soon after did not want. She claimed to have lost it before that was found out to not be true.

    Legal battles ensued, and Williams eventually got his costly possession back. If a ring like that is not going to buy happiness then I don’t suspect that she will walking down the aisle with anyone soon.

20. Elin Nordegrin

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    I do not see any situation playing out where Nordegrin does not check her next boyfriend’s calls, emails, and text messages every day for the rest of his life.

    Even with that, she cannot trust anyone at this point. Granted, not too many of us can get women like the best golfer in the world, but at this point us men are all the same.

19. Jessica Simpson

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    Fiancé Eric Johnson, a former NFL tight end, is no superstar. But, he is Yale graduate so I think life after football will work fine for him. He nabbed Jessica Simpson and they say that they are engaged.

    Has the man never heard of the “Jessica Jinx”? She won’t get down the aisle because too many bad things are going to happen before the wedding. The heavens will send signs to Johnson… or maybe he will just get a call from Tony Romo.

18. Alex Morgan

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    Would you get hitched if you were the next star on the best women’s soccer team in the world? Morgan has girl next-door look to her and will undoubtedly have the attention of every man that has ever watched a soccer match or even heard of the sport.

    She is the next big thing and she knows it.

    …And yes this was my excuse to talk about Alex Morgan.

17. Michelle Beadle

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    She started off working for the New Jersey Nets, and somehow escaped the grasps of the Jersey swamps to make it hit show on ESPN.

    I love a woman who knows a lot about sports and especially one that looks like Beadle. But, also don’t want my wife to show me up in front of my buddies and say that the Priest Holmes has 94 career touchdowns and not 93.

    She may not be able to get to the alter because she’ll beat you in fantasy football and real football.

16. Boise State Cheerleaders

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    After Ian Johnson set the benchmark for how Boise State cheerleaders should be proposed to, nobody will ever be able to come close to the magnitude of the moment he did it in.

    So unless you know of a game you can get into where you are the resounding underdog, you better do something crazy like jump out of a plane.

15. Danica Patrick

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    I figure unless you can beat her in a race or at least keep up with her she won’t talk to you. She is so used to be being one of the boys that it would be hard to impress Ms. Patrick.

    She is one of the GoDaddy girls, making her insanely popular amongst men with eyes, and I am sure she will date anyone who saw her one career win in Japan (eliminating everyone).

14. Cameron Diaz

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    At 38, she still isn’t married and has recently been dating Yankees star Alex Rodriguez who is not very good husband material.

    I don’t think she is in any rush to get to the alter and marry anyone anytime soon, especially a ball player who has had a track record of cheating.

13. Cheryl Cole

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    Another one of those women that will probably never trust another man again. She was married to Ashley Cole who cheated on her with here women that would consent.

    She is so beautiful and talented that convincing her you are “the one” is essentially never going to happen.

12. Missy Gibson

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    Gibson is a surfer a free spirit one not likely to take a mate. I find that it would be difficult to convince a girl that she would be happier doing wife stuff than surfing every day.

    I’m not saying it’s not possible, but the motion of the ocean wins out every time.

11. Gina Carano

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    She is in incredible shape and is doing work throughout the MMA circuit. She is the perfect example you can’t get to the alter because she will beat you up if you step out of line.

    Now, I’m not encouraging fighting your spouse, but if you did, she would win. I’m not saying I’m afraid of her – oh wait yes I am.

10. Rihanna

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    She dated Matt Kemp for a while and now says that she wants to take a break from the relationship scene. From her past record, I think this is a good idea.

    If Kemp can’t get her to commit to him while he is having an MVP season, I don’t think she will ever be coming back.

9. Maria Sharapova

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    Sharapova has been dating Nets guard Sasha Vujacic for quite some time now, and there is no wedding in sight.

    I have a theory. The grunting that she so prominently uses throughout her tennis tournaments translates to real life. When she doesn’t get exactly what she wants, she lets out a huge grunt, and makes it awkward for everyone.

    There will be no wedding because everyone is afraid of a crazy bride.

8. Bridget Moynahan

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    You don’t go from Tom Brady to some guy who works at the Olive Garden (I love all my reader who work at the Oliver Garden don’t get me wrong, but you know you got no shot).

    She is a classy lady that already has a kid (hence the baggage), and finding a guy that wants to constantly live in Tom Brady’s shadow may be difficult (despite the fact that we all currently do that right now).

    She has a choice of anyone who doesn’t hate the Patriots: that’s about five people.

7. Torrie Wilson

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    There is no getting Wilson anywhere without her permission. She was a bona fide WWE star who showed us that she is wearing the pants in any relationship she is in.

    I have a feeling that the last guy who suggested doing something his way was beaten down. Your not getting her to the aisle, she is taking you.

6. Gemma Atkinson

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    After dating Cristiano Ronaldo, and breaking off engagements with Marcus Bent and Kyle Seymour, it seems all but likely that she is just not the marrying type.

    What she is, is a big soccer fan and someone who cannot seem to get enough. Getting her down the aisle seems to be more difficult than hitting a free kick from 50 yards away.

5. Joey Davenport

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    She is in the well renowned Lingerie Football League and has a pretty damn good arm. So good in fact that she can probably throw better than most guys.

    I doubt that she will want a man that can’t even throw a football as far as her let alone hit like she can. All those pencil pushers out there who think you have a chance think again.

4. Erin Andrews

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    She is the apple of every man’s eye and what we will consider the queen of the sports world. Andrews meets hundreds of athletes ever day and is not easily impressed by guys who think they are cooler than they really are – she gets enough of that.

    You also can’t be some loser because, hey, this is Erin Andrews we are talking about. Good luck men.

3. Imogen Thomas

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    She dated polo player Jamie Morrisson, and soccer stars Matthew Collin and Jermain Defoe before moving on to bigger and better things.

    She is another serial WAG who cannot seem to get it right with anyone.

2. Gabrielle Union

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    Union and Wade paired up following his divorce, and the couple has been a power duo since. With the Miami Heat as good as they are, and her career as successful as it is, I don’t see them ever getting married.

    She seems like the girlfriend type and D-Wade seems to have no complaints.

1. Kate Upton

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    How is it that a girl who can dougie and likes to play baseball is not a WAG? I assume it is only a matter of time, but for now, I’ll assume that there is simply something wrong with society.

    She is showing all the attributes of the perfect woman, but for now, no athlete has dated her so good luck getting her to the alter.