New Orleans Rising: Hornets Create Buzz Around NBA

Johnny SheaCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2008

With the NBA Season nearing its halfway mark, the New Orleans Hornets have the best record in the Western Conference.

The Hornets have made an improbable run to the top, winning eight straight and crushing the Spurs Saturday night, 102-78.

Finally, they are being noticed.

Despite a strong season from the start, the Hornets' success was kept quiet...until now. With a blistering defeat of the defending-champion Spurs, New Orleans is 31-12.

David West put down 32 points, Stojakovic added 22, and with the help of all, the Hornets have created their buzz at last. They now lead the Suns by a 1/2-game, the Mavs by 1 1/2, and the Spurs by 2 1/2.

At last, an improbable team has made its way to the top. The NBA these days has been so predictable. We all think the Spurs will play the Celtics in the final. Or will they?

A mix up in the Western Conference feels good. The NBA needs a team like the Hornets to create a buzz for viewers.

The Hornets have gone from the underdogs to the team to beat.

Let's see if New Orleans can make it nine against Denver Monday night.