WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Review: 5 Obvious Reasons CM Punk Stays

kaitlin creamerContributor IJuly 18, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank 2011 Review: 5 Obvious Reasons CM Punk Stays

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    After last night’s Money In the Bank pay-per-view, The Internet Wrestling Community was buzzing with the anticipation of tonight’s RAW.

    Did R-Truth remember to take his crazy pills? Did Vince really just give the people what they want? Is John Cena really fired? And most importantly: Is CM Punk going to re-sign his contract?

    While last night left a lot of questions up in the air, CM Punk is standing by his word and claiming to have turned down a five-year contract. I DON’T BUY IT, especially after what I saw last night…and this is why.


5. Vince Finally Gives the IWC What It Wants

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    For months now, the Internet Wrestling Community has been very vocal about what the fans want to see, who they want to see and when they want it to happen. Last night, Vince gave the WWE Universe what they have all wanted for months now.

    The people love CM Punk. The self-proclaimed "voice of the voiceless" has been generating attention and fan base for years now. People want to see CM Punk in the main event and last night the fans were not left with a stale taste in their mouths for once.

    Even though people loved the "cookie-cutter" image that John Cena has brought into the ring, the fans are tired of hearing the same type of insults and language being used on Nickelodeon.

    People want the Attitude Era back, and who better than CM Punk to unleash just that. His skills in and out of the ring are what make people change the channel to the USA Network at 9 p.m. to hear who he's going to verbally flip-off.

    All the people wanted to see was CM Punk with the championship belt. Well look who has the best now...coincidence? I think not. Punk's terrorist demands have been met, giving the "voiceless" a foundation on which to finally stand.

    Now that the people's demands have been met and CM Punk is the reigning WWE Champion, hopefully WWE ice cream bars are next on Vince's list of things to do.

4. What Happens to Nexus?

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    The whole Nexus gimmick was entertaining for a while, but the idea got old fast. CM Punk was the defibrillator to a dying act that Wade Barrett could not carry anymore. WWE threw away the Straight Edge Society without a second guess (not that I miss Serena or Luke Gallows) and put its money on making Nexus bigger.

    CM Punk is the ideal renegade leader so when he took over Nexus, people could not help but wonder who their next target was going to be or the next time they were going to break something through the Spanish announcer's table.

    Not to be mean, but CM Punk carried Nexus when people were getting tired of their NXT characters and he brought the fans back to being interested in these fresh-face wrestlers.

    Even though Nexus has been out of the spotlight lately, I wouldn't be shocked if the members have been recruiting behind the scenes. CM Punk is not going to just leave Nexus's fate into the hands of the writers, especially after what happened to SES. With the championship belt in his hands, Nexus could take over Monday Night RAW and bring back the recently missing drama and controversy.

    I think that CM Punk's victory over Cena last night is only the beginning of what could be a whole new game for Nexus and the WWE Universe.

3. Ratings: Numbers Don't Lie

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    This is an easy one. WWE is constantly striving for higher ratings. What is the easiest way to get people to watch? Controversy.

    Controversy = Higher Ratings = Money.

    The past three weeks have been packed with drama and questions. No one knows for sure if CM Punk is going to re-sign his contract. No one knows if this rivalry between Vince McMahon and CM Punk is real. Children everywhere are crying at the thought of John Cena being fired.

    The one thing I do know is that ratings have gone up since the CM Punk drama first started. The fact that the fans have been given what they want and they still have so many questions has to be making the writers and Vince very happy.

    Both parties should be happy right now. CM Punk got the push he's been demanding and WWE is making money from all of it.

    CM Punk would be stupid to leave now, especially because he is in such high demand. And Vince McMahon wouldn't be wise to let CM Punk go, especially because of all the millions of fans and dollars Punk has brought back to the WWE.

2. Is July Really When Punk’s Contract Expires?

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    People, its been speculated on the Internet for months that CM Punk's contract actually expires in September. WWE has booked appearances for him through August. I know that there hasn't really been anything stated about Punk's contract expiration being in September...but I am keeping that in the back of my mind.

    But there is one thing I noticed that points to CM Punk staying with WWE...

1. New T-Shirt

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    Fans were wearing brand new CM Punk shirts last night. The front of it has CM Punk's straightedge symbol and the back had the words "Best In The World" along with the date. With a nice big grin, CM Punk walked down to the ring wearing his brand new merchandise which went on sale just hours before Money In the Bank started.

    Obviously WWE knew he was going to win, because the coincidence of that shirt debuting on CM Punk's "final" night isn't very likely.