Shameless Patriots Web "Plugs"

Hanz HeiligmannContributor INovember 3, 2008

Hey there Pat's fans!

This isn't so much an article as it is a resource for all of you.  Many of us work hard on our blogs, websites, etc.  Through my many years of attending all but 2 home games in the last 15 years, I have met many hard working people who are passionate about the Pats as I am. 

These folks either have blogs, websites, or sell products... living the American dream, I guess, through the New England Patriots. I just thought I would share the blogs and websites of those whom I've met over the years, so you may have some fun surfing and checking them out!  Here we go!

By FAR the winner and first place prize of the best, funniest websites goes to Paul "Fitzie" Fitzgerald......check him out at  And check out some of these:

Reiss's Pieces


Patriots Insider

TSB Pats Forum

.....and that is my shameless plug of really good Pats fans sites.

And of course theirs always my blog at