Three Reasons Why the Philadelphia Eagles Scare Me...Right Now

David BrodianCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

After the Giants' dismantling of the Cowboys on Sunday, many people are once again beginning to declare the Giants the best team in the NFC, and the NFL

One would think that this general sentiment would leave a Giants fan with nothing but good feelings going into Week 10's showdown with the Eagles. However, Sunday's game against the 'Boys, and several other factors, are making me real nervous ahead of Sunday night's showdown.


Reason No. 1 : Plaxico Burress. I really thought that after his midweek declaration that he did not want to be a problem, Plaxico would quit acting up. Wrong. There was absolutely no reason for Plaxico to go over to Eli, wave his arms in the air, and declare that the interception Eli had just thrown was not his fault. 

We as fans will never know who was actually at fault, but Eli took the blame. Eli claimed that Plaxico, in fact, made the right read on the defense and that he, Eli, should have gone deep with the throw.

Meanwhile, defiant as ever, Plaxico exclaimed, "I was just going off the read the defensive guy was giving me, he [Manning] agreed with it and we moved on from there."

However, one must wonder why Plaxico could not simply say something like, "We just got mixed up," or "We won the game, no big deal," or, better yet, "I'm not sure what happened, but we won the game and that's all that matters."

Instead, Plaxico felt it imperative to say the he was right and Eli was wrong. If Plaxico keeps going on this path, he WILL hurt the Giants eventually.


Reason No. 2: Eli Manning. Eli's +90 passer rating was a bit deceiving Sunday. Eli tossed a pick-six interception, as well as fumbled the ball twice. What makes the Giants' offense great is their efficiency, and turnovers kill efficiency.

The Giants were lucky to be facing a less-than-fully-loaded Cowboys offense. Otherwise, those two other turnovers likely would have turned into Cowboys points.

Reason No. 3: Donovan McNabb and the Eagles WRs. If Donovan McNabb is given time on Sunday, he has the ability to pick apart the Giants' secondary.

When Derek Anderson was given time, he was able to light up the Giants' No. 1 corner, Aaron Ross. Furthermore, Braylon Edwards absolutely torched Ross all night. Additionally, Ross was beaten badly by 49ers wideout, Josh Morgan, for a touchdown, as well.

In addition to a great QB in McNabb, the Eagles have the speedy WRs that can give the Giants' secondary all sorts of problems. Thus, if the Giants' secondary is forced to remain in coverage too long, they could be in trouble.


While these are three reasons that the Eagles scare me going into Week 10, later in the week, I will discuss why I like the Giants in this important midseason NFC East matchup.