Kim Kardashian: The NBA WAG's 30 Hottest Summer Pics

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJuly 18, 2011

Kim Kardashian: The NBA WAG's 30 Hottest Summer Pics

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    While most fans are seemingly bored of the mundane drama that continues to flood the media revolving Kim Kardashian and her overly privileged family, nobody can deny how sexy the middle sister looks during the sweaty months of summer.

    Whether she is sporting a bikini with the thickness of dental floss or flaunting her beauty in a provocative outfit that is precisely ripped underneath her buttocks, Kim never plays nice.

    Her truculent fashion continues to widen eyes and drop jaws, with eager fans continuously hungry for more.

    It's hard for fans to get tired of this family, mainly Kim, no matter how much they may despise or envy their lifestyle.

    Now that Kim is settled down with Kris Humphries, let's take a look at her sexiest summer pictures.

    It's a great time of year.


30. Stripes and Stars

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    This is quite the unique two-piece as Kim has stripes on the bottom and stars on the top.

    It only slightly epitomizes her lifestyle, which is filled with good times and bad.

    Well for this star, it's mostly good.

29. A Slice of Orange

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    Instead of featuring an attractive orange slice in a glass of hearty beer, Blue Moon should change their commercials to images of Kim sipping on a mug of the high-quality beer with thorough enjoyment.

    It's all about fan appreciation and engaging an audience.

    Kim resembles the juicy orange in this shot, so there's no telling what she could do for Blue Moon.

28. A Natural Beauty

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    With her loose hair and unconventional skip through the streets, many people might say they wouldn't recognize her.

    While that is impossible, she does display a new look that invites fans into her world.

    It's not about fame and fortune anymore, but the constant pressure of looking good every moment.

    If she doesn't, the camera will find her and mayhem will strike.

    She clearly lives the hard life.

27. Stairway to Heaven

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    The D-A-S-H stores must feature such elegant bathing suits as this, but only Kim looks so good in the wide array of sexy outfits.

    While she almost always has a bikini on, Kim loves to rotate the colors and change the smiles on her face.

    It's safe to say she is never in a natural state, but always planning to look good for the camera.

26. Sand Woman

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    She may be beautiful, but Kim is attempting a role as incoherent ditz.

    With her hands flailing lackadaisically and her hair aggressively fighting the wind, she seems to pull off the part well.

    It's only a matter of time before any man on this beach takes notice and hones in on his target.

25. Red, White and Beautiful

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    Kris Humphries is a lucky man.

    While Kim had a previous tendency to rotate men like she changed bikinis, she seems here to stay with this baller.

    But stay tuned, because she will want to look her best for this massive athlete and will surely express herself with the camera as she has during her whole career.

    Some things never change.

24. Temple of Damn

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    While she seems to have finally found a natural look, she was fooled by the cameraman who clearly placed her hands perfectly on herself and her hair ideally along her shoulders.

    Kim always has a subtle smile on her face that reeks of suspicion.

    We might as well call her Mona Lisa.

23. A Boy's Dream

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    Young men dream of the chance to be with her and older men admire her beauty, but only Kris Humhpries now gets to enjoy her company.

    Clearly it took a 6'9" power forward to lift this beauty off her feet, causing even a statue to drop his head in defeat.

    The statue behind Kim never had a chance.

22. The Hitcher

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    While it's common knowledge that drivers should try to avoid picking up hitch-hikers on the road, boat drivers abide by a different set of rules.

    Those on the water can most certainly make an exception for this needy woman.

    Hopefully she doesn't have a hidden agenda because it would be almost impossible to turn this hitcher down.

    Clearly she's just looking for a ride, or for a spot to go fishing.

21. Globalization

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    Kim has no need for a globe in her house because her bathing suit has a detailed drawing of the earth.

    Unique and refreshing, acquaintances can easily pretend to be studying her two-piece while they check her out.

    Now we know she is a fan of exquisite artwork and geography.

    Maybe there is something going on in between those ears.

20. Can You Hear Me Now?

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    She may appear to be on the phone, but Kim purposely dressed like this to get caught by the camera in a seemingly natural moment.

    Unfortunately for these famous celebrities, there are no natural moments, only various poses.

    Kim doesn't seem to be complaining.

19. Woman vs. Food

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    There's nothing sexier than a woman who cooks for her man.

    On a hot summer day, Kim is clearly ready to grill up some skirt steaks and juicy burgers.

    While this seems like the perfect situation, at closer observation it becomes clear that she is just looking good for the camera as there is no meat to be seen and the grill is unconventionally clean.

    It's hard to realize all that while Kim is standing there distracting us.

18. Simplistic Sexiness

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    Kim can even make a mundane color like this look great.

    It seems that anything she touches turns to gold, including Kris Humphries.

    It wouldn't be surprising to see the Nets' fortunes turn around as they have a solid corps of players and a sexy WAG to make magic happen next season.

    Watch out.

17. Deep Blue Sea

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    Ignorance is bliss, as well as sexy. 

    Not seeing what is underneath the water might be sexier than seeing her whole figure posing for the camera.

    Call it fantasy or curiosity, but this former Playboy and FHM model delivers these feelings to her fans.

16. Purple Rain

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    Despite being the third contestant voted off of Dancing with the Stars in 2008, Kim surely believes she has moves.

    While we can't disagree, we conclude that her moves are the most lethal when she is laying down on a bed. 

    That much is obvious at this point.

    She's as refreshing as a cool glass of water in August.

15. Ottoman Empress

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    It's ironic that this beautiful Armenian's paternal great-grandparents immigrated to Los Angeles, the center of acting, from historic Armenia, which was once part of the Ottoman Empire. This was seemingly the ultimate example of culture shock.

    Her last name in Armenian means "son of a stonemason," and Kim claims she was raised with significant Armenian influence. 

    Hopefully she didn't lose her roots as many Armenians most likely look up to her as their idol.

14. Are We There Yet?

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    This is typical Kardashian, with cell phone close by and hand gingerly fixing the angle of her sunglasses.

    She must be looking out on the horizon to make sure the driver is taking the boat in the right direction.

    While she looks quite concerned, her beauty keeps her at peace.

    As usual.

13. Woman in Distress

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    It's safe to assume that numerous lifeguards jumped in after Kim when they saw her posing helplessly in the deep ocean.

    While the water may be too calm to be an ocean, many men undoubtedly swam out to help her.

    Kim didn't need any help as she knew exactly what she was doing.

    It's all for attention.

12. Love the Gloves!

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    While she doesn't show it all, Kim hints at something magical.

    It's no mistake that she is posing with a unique angle to make men drool.

    This is the look of an experienced model who is used to the limelight.

    Her smile displays that confidence.

11. Without a Care in the World

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    It seems like life can't possibly get any better for this exotic beauty.

    This picture must've been taken before Kim met Kris Humphries and was still searching for that special companion.

    After dating Reggie Bush and Miles Austin, Kim was skeptical about ballers considering her past relationships hadn't panned out.

    Humphries changed it all.

10. This Is No Mirage

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    Only Kim would wear a sweater and carry a large makeup bag in the heat of the desert.

    While this may be a green screen behind her, it's the type of image that tells fans that she isn't afraid of heat and can do any hard labor that is necessary.

    The makeup is clearly necessary considering she must look good all the time.

9. A Real Mermaid

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    Something about Kim in water gets fans' veins bursting out of their skin.

    It's hard to resist any woman flaunting herself in a pool of liquid, but Kim has the swagger and sexy facial expressions to optimize the experience.

    Anyone who says mermaids don't exist is blinding himself to a beautiful reality.

8. Kris Is a Lucky Man

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    Did we mention that Humphries is extremely lucky?

    Waking up to this beauty every morning is going to make life a lot easier on the Nets forward, even if his team is in the basement of the Eastern Conference.

    However, the future seems bright.

7. Blinged out Babe

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    Resembling a Victoria's Secret angel, Kim decides to take her beauty to another level.

    While she wears just as much jewelry as each of her past celebrity boyfriends and her current basketball beau, her outfit puts her in a league by herself.

    She doesn't even need the vivacious necklace to help her outfit.

    Did you even realize it was there?

6. Sir Mix-a-Lot's Inspiration

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    The song "I like big butts" was made to describe all women of this stature.

    While she appears to be checking her shoulders for dirt or bugs to dust off, Kim is actually admiring her own posterior.

    She clearly has no problem garnering attention to her backside so it's curious as to why she needs to check herself out even more.

    That's showbiz.

5. Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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    This may be the largest smile that Kim ever allows her fans to see, as she routinely displays looks of subtle pleasure.

    While she may be exposing less of her body than usual, her quiet elegance gives viewers a new perspective.

    Ironically, playing hard to get garners more appeal and Kim is seemingly ready to get tougher.

    It's about time.

4. Look at Me Now

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    While many condemn Kim for filming a porno with ex-boyfriend and R & B singer Ray J, it is clear that she was made for that kind of performance.

    A businesswoman and model, Kim has the body and the vivacious zeal to excite an audience on command.

    All she had to do was lay down on the bed and Ray J was sold.

    Easy stuff.

3. Jungle Woman

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    It can be assumed that Kim played manhunt with all of her boyfriends, including the elusive Reggie Bush, the playmaking Miles Austin and the hungry Ray J.

    Call her the present-day Pocahontas as she is an exotic figure with a lot to learn.

    She has plenty to teach us as well.

2. Not Sure How to Describe That Facial Expression

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    Fans would love to see a before and after of Kim on this night.

    While we don't know what she was doing, she appears to be posing along the stone-covered walls of a fancy club in a sexy outfit that is prohibited by all in attendance except her.

    It would be great to see her on the way out as well.

    This is the nightly routine of a star.

1. Circle of Life

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    We have discovered that the more exotic Kim looks, the sexier she is.

    With the lights dimmed and her body shining, fans are unable to divert their eyes.

    It's looks like these that keep us interested, despite all the unnecessary media attention she receives.