Tony Romo Ditches NFL Career, Announces Permanent Move to Cabo

David GellerAnalyst INovember 3, 2008

An anonymous source informed Bleacher Report earlier that Tony Romo has again made the trip to Cabo with sweetheart Jessica Simpson. Shortly afterwards, it was confirmed by Ray Blazer of


In eerily similar events to what transpired during the bye week before the Giants-Cowboys playoff game, Romo has decided that the vacation that awaits him is well worth the immense amount of criticism he will receive from various outlets of the media.


Ray Blazer caught up with Romo coming off the plane a short while ago, where he met Romo for an exclusive interview.


Q: Hey Tony, another trip for you, huh?


A: Well… I wouldn’t really call it a trip. I’m here to stay.


Q: Stay? You mean for about a week?


A: No Ray, we’re here to buy a house.


Q: Tony I’m not sure if you know this but you’re locked into a multi-year contract with the Cowboys with several other endorsements. Why would you do this?


A: Did you watch the game on Sunday? Why would I want to go back to that? It’s impossible to watch the owner when the team loses, with the crocodile face he makes every single time we lose. And our coach is just an idiot.


Q: I know it was a depressing game but look at all the toys you have to work with on offense. And now you have a brand new weapon, Roy Williams, who can make a lot—


A: Is he good at blocking?


Q: Well…no.


A: Then it doesn’t matter. Bollinger and Johnson got lit up worse then Matt McBriar against the Cardinals on Sunday. And we got games against Pitt, Baltimore, Philly, and the same Giants again coming. I’ve got a lot goin’ right now for me and I think the money I’ve gotten and Jessica’s are enough to last us our lifetime.


Q: Wow…okay then Tony. You are putting the Cowboys in quite a hole with the quarterback position though.


A: Whatever man. America’s team…Romo walks away with Jessica laughing.


Looks like the Cowboys are going to have to start thinking about the Wildcat.