WWE News: Sin Cara Reportedly Suspended for Violating Talent Wellness Program

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WWE News: Sin Cara Reportedly Suspended for Violating Talent Wellness Program
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According to the WWE homepage, Sin Cara (also known as Mistico) has been suspended for his first violation of the company's Talent Wellness Program.

They have announced a 30-day suspension, which will tie in to the injury angle played out during the Smackdown Money in the Bank match.

The Wellness Program, while initially scrutinized, is a system beneficial to both the company and it's performers.

It helped doctors discover MVP's previously undiagnosed heart condition, as well as halt drug users and punish them accordingly.

It hasn't been specified as to what Cara had actually been in violation of, be it drug use or another rule, although it is presumed to be the former.

Due to his small stature, it is unlikely to have been steroids, so he may very well have been taking recreational drugs such as marijuana.

It's possible that this ties into his sloppy performances and frequent botches, as he had impressed prior to signing for WWE and that success hasn't been translated.

This may harm Triple H's stature within the company, as Sin Cara was scouted and signed by Triple H himself and touted as a big-star capture.

So far, his two major acquisitions can be regarded as failures, as Kharma has also been ruled out of competition due to her pregnancy.

Kharma can't be blamed for her situation, unlike Cara who is a rightful target in his case.

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